Stake lists *spoilery*?

In addition to the “stake list” for Eric posted by True Blood earlier in the week, several of the other vamps now have their stake lists out, too.  I’d be more excited if there didn’t appear to be an obvious error in one of them.  Can you spot it? It makes me wary concerning their spoiler worthiness.  Check them out below the Read More.

4 responses to “Stake lists *spoilery*?

  1. Reminding Eric who is the elder?

  2. Yes reminding Eric who is the elder. I thought Eric was the elder of the two.

  3. I’d say Nora’s. Barely reasoned, late at night guess.

  4. That was my thought, too. Eric is 1,000 and Nora is only 700, so either the meme writer doesn’t know what s/he is talking about, or there’s some weird way in which Nora feels she has to remind Eric to be the elder he really is to her. Which, hey, possible I suppose, but still reads strangely.

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