Hollywood Boulevard interview with ASkars *spoilers*

Hollywood Boulevard interviewed Alexander Skarsgard recently, and while he tried to be his usual cagey self when it came to spoilers, he did actually say some intriguing things.  Below the Read More!

He manages – in his spare time – to make interesting independent movies: MELANCHOLIA, DISCONNECT, WHAT MAISIE KNEW and now THE EAST, a terrific environmental activism thriller which is ostensibly what we’re meeting to discuss. But Hello, aren’t we all dying (pardon the pun) to know about the new season of TRUE BLOOD?  After all, there have been a lot of rumors about characters dying in the upcoming episodes…

“We’re just wrapping up, we’re on the last two episodes now of the season…” he says.

So it’s safe to say you’re still alive then?

“I’m right here, yeah. For now. (laughing) And I am obviously not going to reveal what happens, especially in the last two episodes. But Eric has been busy this year because up until now the humans have been blood bags. He doesn’t really care about humans and they can’t really do anything, but this season for the first time in a millennium they can actually fight back. The governor of Louisiana has figured out a way to actually be a real threat to fight back so it’s tough for Eric. It’s not as easy for him as it’s been before dealing with the humans and there’s also a new … oh, God, I’ve got to be careful here how much I reveal.”

Well don’t stop now!

“Someone is introduced in – a new character into Eric’s life, yeah.”

A possible love interest?

“Maybe. Maybe not,” he laughs. “But there’s someone new that’s suddenly part of Eric’s inner circle. If I tell you more then I’d have to kill you.”

OK, so besides keeping so busy as an actor, it’s important to keep some personal time aside, to live life, have an adventure, maybe get a broken heart… so many girls…

“Girls? I know there are a lot of rumors out there, you just have to ignore them! But you’re right, it’s important to not get stuck in the rat race or like just work, work, because I think as an actor you draw inspiration from real life and you need to interact with other people and not constantly be on a movie set. But at the same time it’s great professionally – I mean, before TRUE BLOOD there was a level of uncertainty. I did theater and movies and every time I’d finish a job I’d be like, oh, how am I going to pay my bills next month? So yes my life is busy but now I have security financially to do whatever I want creatively which is a lovely feeling. For the past 6 months I’ve been here in L.A. basically shooting TRUE BLOOD and every single day off I’ve been either going to Sundance or South By Southwest in Austin or a press junket in New York for DISCONNECT or MAISIE or THE EAST so it’s been very intense. And now after THE EAST, we have TRUE BLOOD so there’s a lot of press for the new season starting because it starts in 2 weeks. But once I’m done with that and once I wrap the show, I’m going to go with some friends to Iceland and we’re going to hike for a week and I very much look forward to that. And last year I sailed across the Atlantic for a month and which is just wonderful to – you have no cell phone reception, no emails, no nothing. You’re just there out in the wild. It’s amazing.“

Ooooh, I’ve always wanted to visit Iceland! I’m jealous!

So, I’m guessing that the new member of the inner circle is going to be Willa and her white nightie.  I don’t expect her to be a true romantic interest (at least I hope not) but I think there will be some attraction, at least on her part.  (Um. Eric Northman. Shirtless.  And she’s pro-vampire rights.  How can she resist?)



4 responses to “Hollywood Boulevard interview with ASkars *spoilers*

  1. Maybe it’s Jessica ?! Like an adoption?

  2. Who could blame Willa for being attracted to Eric?! I certainly could not resist him… I am with Askers. I love hiking, biking & camping. Going to Iceland would be a dream come true. I hope he has fun on his vacation. He deserves it.

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