Rolling Stone talks new TB soundtrack

The newest True Blood soundtrack came out yesterday and Rolling Stone has an article talking with Gary Calamar, True Blood’s music supervisor, about the process of selecting the music for the show.  He solves a mystery which had come up in spoiler discussion about the title for episode 6.01, which changed from “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” to “Who Are You Really?” earlier this month.  Excerpt below, but you can read the whole interview here.

Calamar says his work on True Blood is distinct from other shows in that each episode is named after a particular song. “So when I receive the script early on, it has a title, sometimes of a song that is well-known and sometimes a song that I’ve never heard of,” he explains. He recalls a recent instance when he received a Season Six script entitled “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” its name derived from the much-covered song recorded by Nina Simone and the Animals, among others.

“So immediately I started running with it and we eventually made a new recording with Eric Burdon and Jenny Lewis,” he says. “I put those two together, and they did an amazing version.”

Burdon was happy to take part. “The True Blood recording has a really fresh feeling to it,” he says. “It’s way different than the first recording with the Animals.”

As luck would have it, the episode’s title has been changed. “Now we’re finding a new spot for that song,” Calamar says, laughing. “It’s just the way crazy television works.”


2 responses to “Rolling Stone talks new TB soundtrack

  1. I just purchased the soundtrack. I love the music.

  2. I’ve been enjoying it, too. I play a ridiculous amount of TB music in my office while working.

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