Intriguing TV Guide spoiler

TV Guide had something to say about the new season of True Blood, and I for one found it very intriguing!  Below the Read More.

I can’t wait for True Blood to return! Please tell me you have some scoop! — Andre 
NATALIE: To sum up the show’s return: Blood. Death. Blood. Repeat. (But that second death won’t stick.) More specifically, remember last season when Sookie and Jason discovered that someone named Warlow killed their parents? Well, suffice it to say that finding and destroying him will be at the narrative fore (particularly because of this casting [Rutger Hauer as Warlow – MVB]). What will surprise you, though, is Warlow’s connection to Bill’s occupation of/transformation into/death by Lillith. Nora is going to have to brush up on her vampire Bible, tout suite.

Hmm, if the second death won’t stick, is someone going to apparently kill Billith only to have him survive after all? If he rises from the death, then maybe he really is the vampire Antichrist! And will that make Warlow his prophet?


One response to “Intriguing TV Guide spoiler

  1. Wow. Lots of conflicting intriguing info on this season.

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