Season 5 blu-ray extras, 5.02: Authority Always Wins

Reminder: I’m not transcribing everything but only the things I find of interest.

I have to say that compared to season 4, they seem to be stating the obvious more often in these tidbits, which is kind of disappointing. But every now and again there is a juicy nugget of information — and in my rewatch of this episode, I actually identified two specific titles among the books on Eric’s cubby bedside table, so I’m happy! 🙂

Episode 5.02: Authority Always Wins

HINT [As Tara is attacking Sookie in the yard after first rising]:  Tara Thornton never liked vampires, and the Franklin Mott debacle her dislike shifted into downright hatred.  Now that’s been turned, it will be an uphill battle to come to terms with the transformation into something that she loathes.

FYI [when Pam gives Tara a Maker’s Command not to bite Sookie and Lafayette]: Even though Pam has forbidden Tara from biting Sookie or Lafayette, there is some serious concern about Tara’s ability to understand and obey.  With half her brain missing when turned, the vampire Tara may not instinctively react to the “rules” dictated by the maker-progeny relationship. [This is interesting to me as it implies that the magic of turning doesn’t make obedience to the maker quite as clear cut as it always sounds. If you are too low functioning in some way, you may not be capable of obedience.]

SALOME AGRIPPA [as she meets Bill, Nora and Eric at The Authority]: is best known for her role in the death of John the Baptist. When her stepfather Herod promised her anything after her seductive dance of the seven veils, Salome’s mother Herodias urged to ask for John’s head on a plate.  After John the Baptist’s death and the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth, Salome took to a hedonistic  lifestyle and traveled to Rome, where she consorted with wealthy and influential people, often bringing parties to a close with her dancing.  It was here that she was turned by an unknown vampire who left her to fend for herself.  A kind, older vampire, Aurelia, took Salome in and educated her in how to be a vampire.  This relationship continued until Aurelia’s death in the Spanish Inquisition.

FYI [when Salome first uses a key pad unlocked by her own blood]: The Authority has its own group of scientists and technology experts at its disposal.  Under the leadership of their tech guru Molly, they developed this device, which relies on the unique chemistry of an individual vampire’s blood.

FYI [as the vampire enter the Authority for the first time]: The entirety of the Authority complex represents a blending of the modern and the ancient.  Many of the architectural features have been shipped from other parts of the world, piece by piece, and reconstructed underground.  The reception area exemplifies the ‘through the ages’ style, demonstrating the long tenure held by the Authority in the vampire world, as well as a rare Renaissance era portrait of Roman Zimojic.

FYI [when Alcide refuses to eat Marcus’s body although by pack law, he should become the new packmaster, having defeated Marcus]: Not participating in a pack’s traditions is considered an enormous insult that will often result in a wolf being abjured.  Some of the young wolves of this pack feel the ritual is outdated and should be abandoned, but they participate nonetheless.  The Jackson pack did not hold up such a tradition, so Alcide has never actually eaten a deceased packmaster before.

FYI [as Sookie and Lafayette try to coax Tara to drink a Tru-Blood]: It’s widely accepted that only two-thirds of new vampires survive their first year.  Many die through accidental sun exposure or are killed in conflicts with humans (as young vampire often overestimate their new powers). However the vast majority of new vampire deaths occur due to insufficient feeding. [Huh.  So, why do vampires insufficiently feed? No skill? No desire? What? – MVB]

HINT [as Pam begins to put on lipstick in the office of Fangtasia]: Pam’s using one of her favorite lipsticks, “Fire Down Below,” by NARS.  It’s the closest modern equivalent she can find to the color she wore in 1905, and with everything else going on, it’s a strong trigger to her memories from that time in in her human life.

NIGEL BECKFORD [prisoner in the Authority cells with Nora, Eric and Bill]: had a severely dysfunctional childhood that left him with an intensely scarred psyche, more monster than human.  He regularly indulged in cannibalism, especially of children. [As a human!! – MVB] He was caught one night by a woman named Serena Montgomery but, to his surprise, instead of calling the authorities she joined in the carnage.  Together they terrorized parts of the Eastern Seaboard for almost a decade in the early part of the 1900s. Serena never revealed her vampire nature to Nigel until the night that an angry father of one of their victims cut Nigel’s throat and left him to die.  When the coast was clear, Serena pulled Nigel from the makeshift grave and turned him.  They continued their illicit activities for another decade.  Eventually they were caught by the Authority, and Serena met the True Death while Nigel was sentenced to life in prison.

FYI [The vampire cells in the Authority]: These cells are designed to keep even the most powerful vampire inside.  A special silver alloy ensures that nobody escapes, and the UV lights are twice as strong as direct sunlight at the Earth’s equator on a clear day.  The intensity of the lights, combined with regular injections of silver, have resulted in Nigel’s burnt appearance.

FYI [when Sookie silvers Tara to control her in her house]: Fortunately for Sookie and Lafayette, the chains Sookie used to restrain Eric during Marnie’s reign of terror were left in the cubby.

HINT [When Andy and Jason find Debbie Pelt’s abandoned truck]: The night she tried to kill Sookie, Debbie parked her car about a third of a mile from Sookie’s house – far enough to stay hidden but close enough for her to make a quick escape.

HINT [While Sookie is visiting the Stake House looking for information]: Ever since vampires came out of the coffin, certain extremists have been engaged in illegal ‘vamp hunts.’ These hunts are typically only effective against a young vampire, though with enough people and firepower, a group of hunters could possibly take down an older, more powerful vampire.

FYI [As Sookie installs a colloidal silver mister over her front door]: A colloidal silver mister is a series of pipes and nozzles that spray colloidal silver, usually activated by a motion sensor.  In theory, this should repel a vampire trying to get past a perimeter where he or she is not wanted.

In Eric’s cubby, there are not only nice looking speakers, but on the bedside table are Jon Krakauer’s Under the Banner of Heaven and Stephen Allen’s Lords of Battle: The World of the Celtic Warrior.  One of the other books, with a title I can’t read because it is underneath the Krakauer book, appears to have a library binding.

FYI [As Steve Newlin is being interviewed on TV]: Since Steve Newlin abandoned the Fellowship of the Sun, leadership fell to his former wife, Sarah. After Steve became a vampire, Sarah and the rest of the FOTS disavowed any and all ties to Steve Newlin.

KYLE SINGER [kid who punches Jason in the Sheriff’s office, blaming him for his mom and dad’s divorce]: attends Bon Temps High School as a freshman.  He’s sensitive about his size, and often gets picked on for being bigger than many of his classmates and more interested in the arts and theater than sports.  He only has one friend, Holly’s son Wade.  The tension of school and at home have made Kyle very temperamental and prone to outbursts.

HINT [When Eric saves human Pam from the would-be killer]: Eric was in San Francisco on a business trip.  Having heard about the city’s burgeoning underground vampire scene, Eric decided to pay a visit.  When Pam was attacked, Eric’s first instinct was to ignore and move on, but something about Pam’s bravery compelled Eric to intervene.  They’ve been a great team ever since, at least until Sookie Stackhouse came into the picture.

FYI [Just after Eric compliments human Pam on her dress and apologizes for all the blood]: Pam got her dress from a Parisian dressmaker.  Paris was considered the height of ladies’ fashion at the time.

DIETER BRAUN [Chancellor Authority who is interrogating Bill] was born in Konigsburg, Prussia in 1770.  His was a noble family who expected him to continue their dynasty.  However, once Dieter began his higher education, he became estranged from his family and fell in with a group of intellectuals centered around the philosopher Immanuel Kant.  Dieter eschewed material possessions and began to live as an ascetic, dedicating his life to scholarly pursuits.  This all changed when Prussia’s stability and peaceful statis became threatened by Napolean Bonaparte.  Dieter wanted to do his part to defend the Prussian way of life, so he enlisted.  At the Battle of Jena-Auerstedt, the Prussian army was taking a heavy beating. Dieter, fighting as a foot soldier, found himself behind enemy lines outmanned five-to-one. Miraculously he overcame his enemies and returned him only slightly wounded.  He refused accolades and medals, wanting only to return to his studies in the newly subjugated Prussia.  He was surprised one night to find someone waiting for him: a female vampire named Collette.  Her human companion had been killed by Dieter and in a strange bit of logic, she felt Dieter to be the only suitable replacement.  Dieter was by nature a curious man and granted her request.  They began a relationship that resulted in Dieter being turned four years later.  [So, a Chancellor of the Authority who is only 200 years old? Seriously?]

FYI [When Dieter tortures Bill with silver in his IV]: The inventor of the silver IV system was a member of the Authority Research and Development team named Jim Preiss.  A suspension of electrolytically refined silver can be ‘pushed’ through large gauge IV tubes into a vampire’s body, creating incredible pain and discomfort.

FYI [While Hoyt is working below his mama’s sink]: Hoyt moved back in with his mother shortly after he and Jessica broke up.  It’s been pretty miserable for Hoyt but a welcome distraction from the post-Jessica misery. [Why, Hoyt, why? Jessica moved out of the cute little haunted house, the ghost was banished and Hoyt was probably the only one paying rent on it anyhow.  Were the memories that bad that he couldn’t stay? – MVB]

ROMAN ZIMOJIC: began his human life as a simple farmer in the 1400s in what is now considered Serbia.  He was a natural leader in his village but always strived for more.  When the opportunity arose to join his childhood friend Petur in working for Petyr’s mysterious boss, Roman took it and never looked back.  Even after he learned that his friend’s master was a vampire, Roman embraced his new life of adventure and discovery. The trio spent years travelling through Europe.  Roman became educated in different languages and cultures, and he and Petyr excited discussed their futures as vampires.  But the master was cruel; he made it known that he would turn only one of them.  Roman and Petyr refused to participate, but the master glamoured both men, commanding each to kill the other.  Roman overpowered Petyr and choked his friend to death.  When it was over, the master was true to his word and turned Roman, but Roman never forgot the ordeal. One hundred years later, Roman, now working with the Authority, got a chance to avenge his friend’s True Death in an elaborate trap that ended in the master’s death.  This led to Roman’s quick ascension to Guardian, a post he has held to this day.  [So, while Roman is more than 500 years old, he came to the Authority at only a little over 100?  Why so many young vamps on the Authority, pray tell? And how does a human meet ‘the True Death’?]

HINT [as the vampires are taking communion drawn from Roman’s wrist]:  The vampires who created the Authority were devout followers of what was then known as the cult of Lilith, an offshoot of the dominant vampire theology of the time.  [Wait, Lillith was an offshoot of another theology? What was that?] The vial containing Lilith’s blood has been handed down through the ages and is considered to be the actual blood of Lilith, not unlike the Catholic sacrament of the Eucharist.  The faithful believe that the Guardian’s sharing of the Blood takes on both a symbolic importance as well as the very real function of sustaining the progenitor’s essence in their veins.

FYI [As Roman is speaking the words of the ritual]: Roman is speaking Aramaic, the traditional language of the vampire religion.

FYI [As Nora is removed from the Council Chambers by guards]: The Authority recruits the most capable vampires for their security detail.  In some cases, they have sought out and turned humans from the elite military outfits across the world. It’s not unusual for the Authority guards to come from the U.S. Navy Seals, the British SAS or the Israeli Mossad.

HINT [As Roman is lecturing prisoners Bill and Eric about mainstreaming]: For Roman, mainstreaming is both a personal and practical goal.  Unlike most vampires, he retains a strong connection to his former human self and feels that humans are not inferior to vampires.  He also recognizes the pragmatic notion that in order to maintain their population, vampires cannot destroy that which sustains them.

FYI [When Roman nearly stakes Bill]: The stake Roman is using is one the Guardian has used for centuries.  Until the invention of the iStake, it was the only stake used by the Guardian when administering the True Death.

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