Blu-ray extras for 5.1 “Turn! Turn! Turn!”

Last year when I got the season 4 blu-rays, I found so much interesting and juicy stuff on them that I transcribed them for the blog since I know many people choose not to invest in that kind of format.  I will do the same thing this year, adding notes for each episode as I complete them.  I will not be transcribing everything on the discs, but only those things I find interesting.  YMMV.   To see the entire list of episodes as I complete them, check out my Season 5 Blu-Ray Extras page.

Episode 5.01: Turn! Turn! Turn

HINT [shown as the Authority capture Bill and Eric at the Compton compound]: “Did the Authority have Nan Flanagan followed in an effort to ensure she carry out her final order? Is this why they were able to capture Bill and Eric so quickly?”

FYI [when Pam tells Sookie to tell Eric she’s sorry]:  “Pam still feels guilty for almost blowing up Moon Goddess Emporium.  Not because Sookie was inside and she might have killed her, but because she blatantly went against Eric’s wishes.  There’s nothing Pam hates more than not being in Eric’s good graces (other than, perhaps, her face rotting.)”

FYI [in regard to Pam’s spell going away when Marnie died]: “When the creator of a spell dies, oftentimes the magic itself dies, thus rendering the spell powerless.  In some rare cases, like Jesus’s, the magic is transferred to another living person to be carried on.”

FYI [when Steve Newlin appears at Jason’s front door]: “Steven Newlin has been missing since January 15th, to be exact.  He was last seen in a white shirt and blue jeans, leaving a pray-in in Dallas, Texas.  His car was found on Route 43, his wallet and keys sitting on the dash.”  [Recall that according to show chronology, it is now October 31 or Nov. 1, so Steve has been missing for 9 ½ months. – MVB]

HINT: Steve Newlin made quite a few enemies in his short human life.  It’s not a huge surprise that someone decided to exact revenge on him and turn him into the thing he has hated the most. But the question remains: who did it?

HINT [as Pam explains this is not the first time she turned someone]: Unbeknownst to Eric, Pam made a vampire just one year after she was made herself.  She had taken a liking to a farmhand named Colin, but just days after turning him, she grew tired of him.  She summarily released him, leaving the new baby vamp to fend for himself.  Rumor has it he accidentally met the sun when he went to ground in a that wasn’t actually light tight, but no one knows for sure.  Pam wasn’t anywhere near the boy when she felt the vibe of his True Death.

FYI [when Steve Newlin comes out to Jason]: Most vampires are sexually fluid, many considering themselves to be pansexual, so Steve’s coming out isn’t a big deal within the vampire community.  But given Steve’s history with the religious right, it’s a very big deal on a personal level.

NORA GAINESBOROUGH, [when Nora is introduced on screen]: Born in Surrey, England, Nora Gainsborough was turned vampire by Godric and spent decades traipsing around the earth with her maker and vampire brother, Eric.  Under the sponsorship of Salome Agrippa, she left Eric and Godric to become a Chancellor for the Authority.

FYI [as Nora, Eric and Bill are walking along the docks]:  Nora has taken Eric and Bill to an abandoned shipping dock at the Port of South Louisiana.  They are looking for an empty shipping crate where they can go to ground until the next evening.

HINT: According to the Book of Vampyr, Lilith was the first earthbound vampire, created in the image of God, a vampire Himself.  Some vampires in the Authority take the book literally, while others take it ‘with a grain of salt.’

FYI [with Jessica and the college students]: Jessica met her new friends, students from the University of Northern Lousiana, at Merlotte’s.  After a brief make out session with Bobby D. in the men’s room (which Sam quickly put an end to), she got his phone number so she could invite the gang over to party at Bill’s mansion.

FYI [while Jessica and her college buds are playing quarters]: Vampires have been playing drinking games for centuries, initially just amongst themselves, drinking only blood.  But as the years went on and vampires found themselves spending more time with humans, they introduced alcohol into the mix in hopes of reducing humans’ inhibitions.  Quarters was invented by humans and originally played with silver dollars, but this was quickly ratified by vampires for obvious reasons.

FYI [when Sookie and Lafayette are waiting for Tara to rise from her grave]: Although the turning process is typically complete when the sun sets, when a vampire can walk freely without fear of burning, the actual timing varies from case to case.  Not entirely unlike egg incubation, some vampires are ready to come out of the ground much sooner than others.

HINT [when Martha begins to eat Marcus’s body in wolf form]: Every pack has its own rules and rituals.  The Shreveport pack has a long history of eating its deceased packmasters.  Why? None of the younger wolves really know.  It’s a tradition that predates Martha and J.D.’s time as children in the pack, one they intend to make sure is carried on by the next generation.

CAT INGERSLEV,[ the provider of forged papers] once worked security detail for the Authority, but after decades of being caught between the dueling factions within the Council, she decided to cut her losses and become a mercenary for vampires on the run.  [I’m actually surprised that she is a mercenary – I sort of thought she was more of an acti

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