Season 5 blu-ray Authority videos

I haven’t even started transcribing interesting info from the season 5 True Blood blu-rays but merjtab has already started posting videos featuring the various Authority members.  Check them out on her Youtube channel! For a sample of what the videos are like, look below as Salome Agrippa explains the creation myth of vampires as well as humans.

And the video below was especially interesting because Remus, the character that Roslyn refers to, was featured in the True Blood comics, so they do seem to be enfolding story lines that have appeared in the comics to date as part of the official canon. You can find more detail about Remus — who was Godric’s vampire brother — on the True Blood Wiki. In the comic storyline, in order to rescue Eric from a confrontation with Reumus, Sookie and Alcide destroyed the 2,000-year-old vampire by by silvering him and exposing him to sunlight.


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