ITunes has video of Q&A :)

ITunes finally posted the video for the Q&A session I attended in NYC on Monday night.  You need to access it through Itunes, but you can see what I saw.  (And so can I, since I was hardly able to process it all as it was happening!)



2 responses to “ITunes has video of Q&A :)

  1. Now I’ve GOT to see it.

    • Dude, so do *I*. I was so freaked out by the fact that I was actually looking at the live Alexander Skarsgard just a few feet from me that I missed details of the conversation. I deliberately put my camera down several times so that I wasn’t just living the event through my camera lense, if that makes sense, so it is great that someone else “recorded it for me.” (In that way, it reminded me of my wedding back in the day — I was too distracted to realize what was happening while it was happening. :-P)

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