Russell Edgington, entrepreneur?

Today is the day that season 5 DVDs are scheduled to arrive in the US (mine is on its way, woohoo!) and Entertainment Weekly has posted a snippet of Russell Edgington speaking about what he he’d like to do with Sookie Stackhouse and her fairy blood. And it isn’t just drinkin’ her up like a sunshine shake…

Read the story and check out the video here!



3 responses to “Russell Edgington, entrepreneur?

  1. I have to say, Dennis O’Hara MAKES the Russell part –he is an utter joy whenever he’s on screen. He and the fellow who played Godric (as well as AS) are the best actors in that series.

    • I love both of them, and I’m so happy to see that there will be commentary from “Russell” as part of the DVD set. As a fic writer, I love it when you get nifty little details about the characters that way.

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