TB updates galore *spoilers*

Wow, I take one day off from my usual obsessive TB/Askars spoiler stalking to take care of real life business and indulge my other fan obsession (K-drama!) and tons of stuff posts!  We have not only a new promo for the season 5 recap, but our first promo stills and a newly released video for the music that matches — or at least used to match — the title of the first season 6 episode.  Since the cover was reputedly commissioned by the show, this isn’t just any ol’ musical cover. Enjoy!  Below ther Read More in case you’ve just stumbled onto my blog by accident.

First up, the season 5 recap will air on Friday, May 24!

Then, some of the spoilery pics from season 6. All photos are by John P. Johnson, HBO. You can see the full set of 22 shots at true-blood.net and in higher resolution there, too!

Finally, true-blood.net also had a link to the video for the moody Eric Burden and Jenny Lewis cover of “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” which will debut on the new True Blood Soundtrack Vol 4, due out out May 28! This just screams Billith to me.




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