New season 6 promo is UP! *spoilers*

It may be scheduled to air tomorrow night, but the new promo is already up on TrueBlood’s Youtube channel.   I will withhold commentary on anything until I do screen captures.  Below the Read More! UPDATE: If it doesn’t load right away, try it a couple of times.  I find that Youtube is doing something funky, but if you try to reload it a couple of times, it will usually come through.


3 responses to “New season 6 promo is UP! *spoilers*

  1. It is kitty fangtastico!!!! I am now very excited for S6!!

  2. vamplover669

    I have yet to really see past S5x06 so the humans fighting back seems out of control but we got a taste of that with Bud and Sweetie. So I hear that vampires are being held for experiments isn’t that kind of copying BTVS? They had the underground government study of all Supes to learn how they ticked let hope body gets any chips in their heads! Do you know if it’s true that this season is shortened to 10 episodes?

    • vamplover669, the 10 episode thing is true. They started filming later in order to accommodate Anna Paquin’s return from her pregnancy leave. Instead of starting to film around Thanksgiving, I think they didn’t start until January this year. You could argue that they are imitating BTVS, but my impression from the csating sides is that this is less military compound and more prison, so the vibe may be very different. I guess we’ll find out soon!

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