Bajen fansite interview with ASkars

Our favorite Hammarby fan has been talking to the press, and fortunately a reader on Skarsgardnews has translated it for us non-Swedish speakers. And there is even a teeeeeeeny spoiler, below the Read More! Thanks to Maria for the translation!

The interview is very long and interesting even to non-sports types like me, but the only tidbit I’m quoting here is this spoilery one:

Although he often works and spends a lot of time on movie sets, he tries to follow Hammarby’s matches as much as possible. He says that he has problems with streaming matches and the conditions are usually not the best.

– Now, for example, I’m sitting in my trailer in Montebello which is an industrial area where we are filming in a soft drink factory. It is very often how it is that we’re out in strange places with bad internet. Mostly I follow live coverage from Hammarby Football website. They do a great job of reporting, but emotionally it’s a hassle, especially if you’re in an area with poor reception. Sometimes it does not work and sometimes you lose reception. It can get very frustrating.

…and this little insight into why he bought the house in Los Feliz:

Last year he bought a house in Los Feliz, an area that he likes to compare with Södermalm where he grew up.

– It’s kind of eastern Hollywood you can say, more like Downtown. It is relaxed and has a pleasant vibe. It’s not like the Hollywood and Beverly Hills stress. Before I bought the house I now live in, there were two areas that I thought was awesome. It was Venice and Los Feliz. Both of these areas has their own character and are a little more laid back, they reminded me most about home on Söder. I work in Hollywood and the daily trip to Venice is two hours by car. That was what determined that I moved there, I felt it was too long.


4 responses to “Bajen fansite interview with ASkars

  1. What a wonderful interview. Thanks for posting the whole translation.

  2. Thanks for that tasty tidbit!! : )

  3. Thanks. sounds like our boy might be a little homesick.

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