Waiting Sucks promo: Eric! *spoilers*

I didn’t expect HBO to come through with their Eric “Waiting Sucks” promo until later since I think they save the best for last, but they gave us a much-appreciated gift yesterday.  Thank you, HBO!!! Video is below the Read More.

So, the setting is episode 3, Fangtasia, and Eric is with what appears to be the Governor’s daughter, Willa Burrell (Amelia Rose Blair.)  It makes sense to me that the Governor’s daughter might be aware of an experimental vampire prison, just as Jessica probably knew some things about vampire life from her dad, Bill.  We know that Jessica will eventually end up that experimental vampire facility with her new vampire fellow prisoner Wes.  We also know that Eric goes to the Governor’s mansion disguised as a delivery person.  So, is he deliberately trying to get thrown into the vampire jail, or is he trying to just gather information about the Governor and this vampire holding facility?  Whatever it is, I’m excited to see it.



4 responses to “Waiting Sucks promo: Eric! *spoilers*

  1. What a treat and lets face it we need them after that bomb about the book reared it’s ugly head!

  2. Yeah. At least it doesn’t look like Eric will be very wimpy this year. Of course Naked Skars is always better. LOL

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