I don’t write this blog expecting a bunch of hits because I don’t think more than a handful of people know me in the SVM/TB fandom, but it was cool to see my blog hits for yesterday hit 749 — three times what it has ever been before.  (And clearly, it was people looking for Dead Ever After spoilers, so I am not surprised!)  So thanks for making me smile on what was in many other ways a rough day.  XOXO!!


9 responses to “749?!?

  1. It’s because you are awesome. I happily go to your posts over others. 🙂

  2. Who wouldn’t we stop by!! I love the spoilers, but am eagerly awaiting new chapters, I check in frequently!! 😉 Keep up the awesome job!

    • Thank you, missrissa81! I’m crazy busy with work stuff through May 6, but I’m trying to sneak in some more writing time. I was hoping to write yesterday since I had a lot of freetime before meetings, but a certain spoiler harshed my writing buzz. I may try to write while carpooling back from Lake Eric, I mean Lake ERIE tomorrow, though!

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