Prologue to “Dead Ever After” *SPOILERS!!!!!*

Don’t ask me how or why, but Penguin Group seems to have posted the entire prologue to Dead Ever After.

The. ENTIRE. Prologue!!!!! So when I say “SPOILERS!!!!” I’m not exaggerating.

And if you to read it, you can read it here.  But I’m not posting it right in the post in case you DO want to be just lightly teased and not totally spoiled just yet!




3 responses to “Prologue to “Dead Ever After” *SPOILERS!!!!!*

  1. Thanks so much for posting! I was going to check the Penguin site a couple days ago but didn’t even though CH said no spoilers.

    • I copied it right to one of my site’s pages just in case it were to disappear. (Although I’m assuming it is not likely to with only two weeks to go!) And that way, if people want to speculate, there is also a spot right here, too.

      I was thinking last night that maybe Sookie’s happily ever after will be as much about losing her “gift” as about who she could end up with. Maybe that’s where the description of the story’s end as “controversial” comes into play?

      • You make a valid point there that potential blast of magic that Niall might have cast as he was leaving could have done something for her other than just making her garden beautiful!

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