“Dead Ever After” spoilers!

True-blood.net has been blessed with spoilers on the final Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead Ever After, thanks to a sneak peak by reader KayCee4711.  Details are below the Read More!

  • Copley Carmichael and his chauffeur Tyrese sell their soul to the Devil. Tyrese gets what he wants, but pays a grave price. Copley gets tricked by the Devil and doesn’t get what he wants. He asked the Devil to look for the Cluviel-dor. The Devil finds it, but he cannot take it since it’s already been used by Sookie to save Sam. Copley gets mad that the Devil tricked him and asks him to get rid of Sookie. The Devil doesn’t comply and Copley gets even madder – and a certain round bellied gentleman noticed him. Maybe Mr. Cataliades?

  • There’s a short scene where a medium-sized man meets up with a certain Christian man – maybe Steve Newlin and the Devil?

  • Chapter 1 starts off with Sookie waking up and Sam lying on a chaise lounge in her backyard. He seems confused and not entirely himself. It is implied that this could be the cost of the cluviel-dor – maybe he lost a part of his personality or maybe his twoey-nature?

  • Sookie’s garden is in full bloom – hence the cover of the book. Why this is so important or relevant isn’t explained.

  • Last part of chapter one is about a red-haired female coming out of jail – Arlene? – and being approached by the medium-sized man (a.k.a. the Devil?)

  • No mention of Eric in these first bits – just this sentence “I waited to hear… from anyone. But the phone didn’t ring. I heard a lot of nothing. I had a lot of nothing.” And because Sookie’s garden is in full bloom, she put a bouquet in every room in her house, on Gran’s grave, and on Bill’s porch.

I’m still wondering about the hint that Charlaine Harris gave that it may not be The Devil but a Devil. And what time of year was Deadlocked set in? Can we gauge how much time has passed since the use of the cluviel dor?

Of course, the only question I am really interested in is not answered here (and rightly so) but there are only two weeks to go before that shoe will finally drop.  Thanks to  KayCee4711 and true-blood.net for the juicy intel!




5 responses to ““Dead Ever After” spoilers!

  1. I’m seriously thinking of waiting to find out.

  2. Wow! I figured it was Amelia’s dad that was making a deal with the devil from that Amazon audio clip. I wonder if he’ll use Amelia in someway to get back at Sookie? It also makes me wonder if that past guy what was he FBI? Will turn up if someone’s trying to pin a crime on Sookie I can’t help but think he’s still keeping tabs on her? Maybe not I would love to have more of Mr.C it really looks like Sookie is going to be in need of him he’s her sponser that’s his job right? I hate when S/E cut off communication but what an awkward talk that’ll be I know Charlaine’s favorite character is Eric so I’m hoping that’s a good thing for us when it’s all said and done. The other day I was thinking about when Niall last spoke to Sookie and when he said goodbye Sookie felt something wash over her do you think it was some kind of Magic? It also sounds like Bill is going to be helping Sookie out which leads me to believe that we might not get as much Eric as we’d like to see I’m hoping at least Pam will give Sookie an update if she can. I think I might get my copy of DEA a day or so early so I’m pumped my friend sends out the entire book through e-mail to me IDK how but I’m grateful. 🙂

    14 Days and counting…..

    • I’m overdue to reread Deadlocked again so I can remember the details of what went on before. (Which is one reason I write in the True Blood universe rather than the SVM one — even though I have read the books multiple times, I’m just not nearly as good at recalling all the details from the book version as I am the show!) I just read through the prologue and one thing jumped out at me…but I’m going to put it on the page where the prologue is as not to spoil TOO much.

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    More questions…

  4. The mysterious man with the pale eyes in Mexico is johan glassport the rapist/lawyer in Sophie Anne’s trial in Rhodes that escaped to Mexico. As Sookie said about him, Mexico’s gain is Mexico’s loss. He’s approached Steve Newlin because they all share a hate for Sookie. Personally, I am excited to see what happens whether she winds up alone, with Eric or runs off to Faery.

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