New Waiting Sucks promo: Jason *spoilers*

Woohoo, new promo today in the “Waiting Sucks” count down.  Video and screen caps below the Read More.

I personally am down with Jason putting a wooden bullet in Nora (sorry, Eric), but Sookie obviously wants to protect her.  I’m wondering if this is just Sookie being generous Sookie or whether it shows that she and Eric really do share a bond that has not yet been revealed.  And would Sookie be as willing to save Nora if she knew how Eric and Nora express their sibling affection?

If you want more screen caps, check out the set at

Screencap 1

Setting the scene – episode 1, season 22, which logically would be after the group has escaped the Authority compound.

Screencap 3

Stephen Moyer in the director’s chair.

Screencap 4

Screencap 5

Jason pulls a gun with wooden bullets on Nora. Shoot, Jason, shoot!

Screencap 6

Jason threatening Nora with the gun.

Screencap 13

Check out Eric to the far left!

Screencap 12

Sookie intervenes to save Nora.

Screencap 2 Screencap 7 Screencap 9 Screencap 10 Screencap 11 Screencap 15



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