TB Comic #11

The latest True Blood comic was in my mailbox yesterday, and it opens up a story arc in which a  new waitress comes to Merlotte’s and what seems to be an old swamp witch places a curse on the bar — with blood.  Is the new waitress long for this world? And what will the effects of the curse be?

There wasn’t a lot of Eric content in the latest story arc, but what little there was was an enjoyable little scene in which Sookie and Eric flirt via phone from half way across the globe.  Have I mentioned how much I love Michael McMillian for giving us Sooric readers so many little things to enjoy in the comic series?

As of this date, the comic is going on what appears to be some kind of hiatus after issue #13, so I don’t know what the future holds for the series, but I’m reasonably sure I’m going to enjoy it up until that issue at least.

I’ve uploaded the two Eric and Sookie pages from the issue.  And check out the excerpt from Sarah Newlin’s romance novel!

TB#11001 TB#11002


One response to “TB Comic #11

  1. I love all of the flirting!! Sarah Newlin writes a romance novel!! LOL!

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