On location pictures *spoilers*

I do not know the source of these pictures, but I first saw them on I Love True Blood Fan Art’s Facebook page.  If anyone knows the actual source, I’ll be happy to give credit where credit is due. Below the Read More.

Bill – or is that Billith? — is being shot by the SWAT team at the Governor’s mansion.  I assume this is from daytime rehearsal, not actual shooting.  So, is Bill Bill again? Or is he still Billith? I’m going with the latter since that looks Billith body language to me!



4 responses to “On location pictures *spoilers*

  1. I just saw these too. LOL!

  2. these photos made me cringe and shiver. does it mean bill is now a daywalking demi-god? ew! can TB wave a bigger i-heart-bill flag?

  3. What on earth can they do with Bill(ith)? From what I’ve seen, he’s quite primal, meaning I haven’t seen him speak as Billith (Is he capable of speach?). Unless I missed something, which I may have because honestly, who wants to listen to what he’d have to say anyway?

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