TVLine non-spoilery (IMO) spoilers

Will Eric Northman die in season 6? TVLine’s answer below the Read More.

Question: There are rumors that True Blood is going to kill off the gorgeous and sexy Eric Northam! Please tell me this isn’t true. He is one of the main reasons I watch. —Kelly
Ausiello: I can neither confirm or deny the rumors, but I can offer you two pieces of evidence that suggest such a twist is in the realm of possibility. The first one comes care of Joe Manganiello, who tells TVLine, “We’re getting to the point in the season now where people are starting to die. The table reads are starting to get smaller, and I’m sure they will continue to do that.” Exhibit B, meanwhile, arrives in the form of Episode 7′s title — “The Funeral.” Sorry I don’t have better news for you Kelly.

Question: Any serious True Blood scoopage? —Colleen
Ausiello: I suppose that depends on how you choose to interpret this additional, equally provocative tease from Mr. Manganiello: “I think [the producers] looked at some things that went on with Alcide last season, and thought, ‘How can we top that or how can we get even racier?’ And I think they’ve succeeded… Right out of the gate, it’s really juicy.”

Oh, Michael, Michael, Michael.  Why are you torturing poor Kelly there?  Because you have to know that the idea of Eric Northman dying this season would be total BS. I think it is HIGHLY unlikely that they would kill off Eric, particularly with his relationship with Sookie still an unfinished storyline.  (“We will be One” has not yet been addressed, and I am utterly convinced it will be at some point — probably just as Eric and Sookie are getting closer again.)  So, shame, shame on you, Michael, toying with poor Kelly’s fears there!

What I want to know is, where did this rumor come from?  Unless the show is floating it out there to fan interest because they know Eric is popular!

That said, I do think someone is going to die, but frankly, given the number of casting calls for new characters that we have seen for this season, we have a long, LONG list of possibilities that involve no one we have even met yet.  So I’m not worried. Although I’m still secretly hoping that Billith will turn into a big permanently gone pile of goo so that Stephen Moyer can direct more.

As for Alcide, I wonder if they’re going to borrow the aspect of the books that has the packmaster having sex with all the female members of the pack?  I wonder how Rikki would feel about that?


16 responses to “TVLine non-spoilery (IMO) spoilers

  1. I refuse to watch anymore if they kill him off.

  2. Reblogged this on Kittyinaz and commented:
    As promised in my group, here is the reblog. Hogwash and I will boycott TB if it happens. He is the main reason I watch!

  3. They’d be nuts to do that. He dies and that show dies. Plain and simple.

  4. I have ‘t heard anything that’s different about AS contract from the others –I believe they all signed six year contracts –I’ve heard nothing about him leaving early —wonder if he would if the Tarzan movie starts up? I would think, however, they would work with his schedule there at HBO…..

    Sigh…that would just put the nail in the coffin of TB —there would be no need for a season 7.

    • Duckbutt, the only other thing that occurs to me was hearing that Joe Manganiello had signed for 8 seasons. Not that he would necessarily BE in 8 seasons, but I guess the way it works is that if the show were to go that far, he’s agreed he would be available. i assume that all the central cast (including ASkars) are in the same position. I’ve been assuming for a couple of years that we will probably get 7 seasons and MAYBE 8, but unlikely to get beyond that. I also think (aren’t just full of opinions tonight…) that the voice over in the season promo about this being the beginning of the end may indicate that they do intend season 7 to be the last one. Maybe even season 6, although I find it hard to believe they would satisfactorily wind up the show in ten episodes without more notice. I suppose I could be wrong, though.

  5. I admit, killing Eric is the one thing that might make me finally give up on the show because he is the character I am most invested in.

    But, honestly, I think they are well aware of the character’s popularity and that it’s just not going to happen. Theladykt is right — it’s all over once Eric is gone.

    Plus… the storyline I see on screen is clearly leading Eric on some kind of redemptive path. I don’t think he’ll ever be the classic hero who always does the noble thing, blah blah blah, but he is going to be the one who is always looking out for Sookie in future. His love her is going to change how he does everything (IMO) and that story line is not over yet.

  6. Duckbutt, one of the stories earlier this week or last said that Tarzan is on hold because they haven’t gotten the money for a project that big yet, so it is not likely to be greenlit for a couple of years. I don’t think we have to worry about him doing it (assuming he is still in with the project when it is approved, which I would LOVE) until summer 2014 at the earliest. Plenty of time to get another season of TB in.

  7. If they do that — I’m out!!! you can’t have Bill without Eric…. Eric is what has sustained me so far….. though I stopped reading the books three back…so I don’t know what they would be thinking. Not to mention Eric is a def hot factor of the show. Who doesn’t want to see that viking bottom?????

  8. He goes, I go…simple as that.

  9. If Eric dies TB dies… Eric is the star and I feel has more fans then any other of the cast does.. I will not have to wait for anymore seasons because I wouldn’t even look at anything that has anything to do with TB if they kill Eric off, period.. And I’m positive ALL of fans/ladies would put a serious dent in the nelson ratings lol… My fear is that he has hardly been in LA this past month or so… He’s been out promoting his movies and going to Coachella for several days in a row… It seems like he is no longer shooting as much as the rest of the cast.. IMO, I just hope i’m incorrect and they are working around his press junketts and whatnot….

  10. Raeleen, that AS was doing a lot of press the last couple of weeks must be what is feeding that rumor. I was assuming they are simply working around his schedule. He would have told them well in advance what the rough periods would be, I’m sure, so that they could tweak his filming schedule to make it work. And he said when he was in NYC at the Disconnect premiere that he had to be on set the night he got back, so he must have squeezed some filming in between his return to LA and Coachella. (And given that he ALWAYS goes to Coachella, I can see him asking if they could work around that, too.) I won’t be worried unless he he does nothing on set between now and the Maisie premiere.

  11. They can tease us but if they kill off Eric, I won’t watch anymore.

  12. The Northman Clan is keeping this season afloat if he leaves I am definitely leaving.

  13. Best bet for HBO do a spinoff with Eric and his vampires. CW Vampire Diaries gave Klaus the Originals I’m all for Eric and his vampires living an action packed life

    • Aolani, I would watch a spinoff like that, too! (And I love Klaus — talk about a character running away with a series! I ❤ Joseph Morgan!) I don't count on Alex being Eric forever, though, since he is eventually going to have to start worry about aging on screen. But he's going to be able to move on to some good things when he leaves TB, though, and I honestly thing that the show won't be the same without him, so I expect TB to end whenever he opts out. I don't know that I would stop watching entirely if something happened to Eric, but I probably wouldn't be as obsessed as I am now. For me, the center of the show is really Eric, not Sookie.

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