Reel Life interview with ASkars *spoilers*

As part of the “Disconnect” press junket, Alexander Skarsgard talked to Reel Life with Jane and he actually dropped some hints about season 6.  Details below the Read More!

According to Paula Schwartz, ASkars actually had a couple of things to say about season 6 in her one-on-one interview with him. Most intriquing tidbits below! You can read the full interview here.

“We’re busy fighting humans,” Alexander Skarsgard told me when I asked him what was happening in season six of  “True Blood.”

He plays the sexy Nordic vampire Eric Northman in the popular HBO series “True Blood,“ and I asked him about his character. The Swedish actor is very tall, at least 6’5”. My neck hurt from looking up at him so long. (Not that I’m complaining; he’s incredibly handsome.)

“There’s a full on war going on between vampires and humans,” he told me. He  hinted that humans have a fighting chance against the thirsty bloodsuckers because they have discovered their weak spot. “So that’s what’s going on.  I’m not going to reveal more.”

I’m still wondering about some sort of weapon of mass vampire destruction as the possible “weak spot” of vamps.  Or is there something we don’t even yet know about how vamps can be killed?



3 responses to “Reel Life interview with ASkars *spoilers*

  1. Uv guns. Or something with uv waves. That’s my guess….

  2. Oooooh, that would be brilliant. Evil (for vampires, anyhow) but brilliant!

  3. Lol. Yes, but we humans are evil tenacious creatures aren’t we? And from us came vampires, but they never seem to remember that. Lol

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