Chapter 9 of “The Real Me”

I know it is easy to forget that this site started out as my ground zero for my fanfiction given how much time I devote to spoiler stalking for True Blood, but every now and again, mostly when Hell (Michigan) freezes over, I do post a new chapter for a story.  And after a truly ridiculous amount of time between updates, the next chapter of The Real Me is up.  Here’s to the probably vain hope I can get another one up without a snowstorm in, oh, May or June…

The Real Me, Chapter 9: Chasing Threads


2 responses to “Chapter 9 of “The Real Me”

  1. of course, RL will strike when you finally post the next chapter! argh! took me a long time to read this because i was busy helping my cousin relocate here. like watching a kettle boil water. will spill when i’m not looking.

    thanks for the update, love!

    • Hey, I am still two chapters behind on your story, although at least I got a little bit caught up after I finished this chapter. Hopefully this weekend (although I’m chaperoning Saturday and working Sunday again…sigh.)

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