Collider interview with ASkars

Collider did an excellent and lengthy interview with Alexander Skarsgard about “Disconnect” that mentions a couple of things about scenes in the movie that have not been said in other interviews I’ve read.

My favorite part? A more thorough discourse on ASkars use of — or avoidance of — technology.

Collider: Do you have any rules about technology at home, as far as when people can and can’t use it around you?

SKARSGARD:  I’m a very lonely guy, so it’s just me.  I wish I had someone I could tell to turn off their phone. 

How much do you disconnect from what’s written about you on the internet?  What do you do if you get a Google alert with your name?

SKARSGARD:  I don’t get Google alerts.  I stay away from my name.  I don’t want to know.  I’m not very active on social media.  That’s an understatement.  I’m not on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, or anything like that.  I think it’s wonderful that they’re out there.  They’re fantastic.  I have a lot of siblings and friends that use it, and it’s great for them.  It’s such a connected world.  When I’m on a plane, people know where I’m going before I even know where I’m going.  People know where you had lunch yesterday, or who you had lunch with.  So, trying to avoid sharing everything with everyone is my way of keeping something private in my life.  

To actually turn off your phone when you go to your country house or you’re on vacation for a few days is important.  I turn off my phone and just check it once a day.  I turn it on and, if it’s an important message, I’ll call back.  Otherwise, it can wait.  I don’t worry about it with agents and managers because they’ll learn to accept it.  If it’s important, they can leave a message and I’ll call back.  Otherwise, I’ll call when I get back.  For me, it’s really important to have that because life is crazy.  You travel and you’re busy and there’s so much going on that it’s important to have those moments where you can breathe and you can just be present with the person or the people that you’re there with.  

But, I don’t want it to sound negative or that I’m so like, “Oh, the internet is horrible!”  It’s amazing!  I have friends that are very active online and they’re saving the world.  Kristin Bauer, a dear friend of mine, went to Africa to save elephants and she got all of her fans involved.  It’s absolutely wonderful.  You can use it in a way that’s actually really great.  It doesn’t have to be about how amazing you are, or “Come watch my show!,” or “Look what I’m wearing today.”  It doesn’t have to be narcissistic.  To me, it’s not a didactic film about how horrible the internet it is, how evil it is or how it ruined our lives.



One response to “Collider interview with ASkars

  1. Is there a love button to click??! This is a great conversation! I’ve often thought that it must be lonely, alot of the time, for people in the spotlight. Alex is so gracious about having, basically, the same conversations over and over with different interviewers. One more thing that makes him so loveable!!

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