HBO Spring 2013 promo & screen caps *spoilers*

In addition to the True Blood promo that was released on Saturday, HBO also ran a more generic Spring 2013 promo that include a couple of new, very quick clips from True Blood as well as a couple of shots we had already seen.  I’ve embedded the video below and included screen caps below that.  Below the Read More!

In the screencaps below, the only new things are Jason with who I assume to be Niall in Sookie’s house and Sookie walking up her own driveway during daylight.

Snapshot 2 (4-1-2013 6-17 PM) Snapshot 3 (4-1-2013 6-18 PM) Snapshot 4 (4-1-2013 6-19 PM) Snapshot 5 (4-1-2013 6-20 PM) Snapshot 6 (4-1-2013 6-21 PM) Snapshot 7 (4-1-2013 6-25 PM)


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