More casting videos *spoilers*

More audition tapes that might tell us about characters if not who is actually playing them.  Below the Read More!

First up, Violet, the ancient vampire who is going to be part of a triangle.  So much for my speculation that she might be in a triangle with Pam and Tara! Looks like she is laying claim to Jason, which makes it sound like there will be some sort of multi-triangle thing going with Jessica:  Jessica/Jason/Wes and Jessica/Jason/Violet.  So long as it isn’t Eric and Sookie, I’m in “whatevssssss” mode!

Next up, Nicole the activist, interacting with Sam and trying to call him out on being a shifter.  Hard to tell if Luna survived the shift at the Authority headquarters, since Emma and Luna having “disappeared” could mean anything at this point, including a dead Luna and hidden Emma or escaped Luna and Emma.


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