Major new role cast *spoilers*

SpoilerTV has announced that one of the numerous new roles for season 6 has been filled with an actress formerly from House.  Details below the Read More.

Jeez, seems we were just talking about Violet, the vamp who is going to round out a romantic triangle this morning and had concluded that one other part of that triangle is going to be Jason Stackhouse — who Violet point-blank declares “hers.”  According to SpoilerTV, Violet is going to be played by actress Karolina Wydra.  An excerpt from the announcement is below:

Spending a year married to Gregory House can turn a woman into a real bloodsucker.

Case in point: Karolina Wydra — who played Dominika, the convenient bride of Hugh Laurie’s titular doc on Fox’s House — is joining True Blood‘s sixth season as a badass vampire, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Wydra’s recurring character, Violet, is described as a strong, sexy, possibly dangerous vamp on par with the Eric Northmans and Bill Comptons of the world.

Karolina Wydra


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