Spoilery casting videos

From the Eric and Sookie Lovers’ forums.  Below the Read More.  Don’t watch if you don’t want possible script spoiling.

First up, we have an actor named Richard Gleason doing an audition for Gov. Burrell in which the Governor has a little chat with Steve Newlin, who asks that certain documents stolen from the AVL during a raid on vampire headquarters by state troopers be returned.

Next up, new vampire Wes — who is going to be part of the major love triangle, possibly at the end of this season and into next — has a chat with a vampire named “Tess” for the purposes of the audition.  There is reason to believe that the vampire is actually Jessica and that the two of them are in some kind of vampire prison.  But who is holding them? I am thinking possibly humans.  I’m also wondering what “Tess” did just before she was captured that she considers the worst thing she had ever done in her life, as either a human or vampire?

2 responses to “Spoilery casting videos

  1. That governor’s accent is gooood.

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