EW Sookie/Eric vs Sookie/Bill poll

EW Sookie/Eric vs Sookie/Bill poll

Entertainment Weekly is doing a Great TV Couple of All Time bracket, but before they finalize the entries, they wants to know which couple should represent True Blood — Eric and Sookie or Bill and Sookie? You know where my heart lies — with our Viking!  If you feel the same, go vote for Team Sooric!


3 responses to “EW Sookie/Eric vs Sookie/Bill poll

  1. Who in their right mind would vote for Bill?

  2. Actually I decided to vote for Sookie/Bill, not because I like the combination, but because they are the perfect representation of the knots TB has tied into the plot (what plot, nothing coherent). Soorick also represents the beau ideal of beautiful people, S/B is more realistic. They’ve got WARTS.

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