Will they use a plotline from SVM book 6?

“Bookies” know that while True Blood started out following at least some plotlines of the Charlaine Harris books on which the series was based, each season has deviated further and further from the source materials.  That said, each of the first five seasons has still incorporated some plot point from the associated book — even season 5, with the shifter shooting subplot.

So, I found myself pondering this morning:  will they do the same in season 6? And if they do, what plotline/book shout out will they choose?

Check out my thoughts below the Read More. WARNING — if you haven’t read the books, the descriptions are VERY spoilery!

I’ve taken the description of each book from Wikipedia and bolded the plot points that actually made it to the screen in the True Blood “interpretation” of Sookie’s story.  You can see visually how much was borrowed in the first two seasons and how much that has dropped off by season 5.  (Not that I’m telling you guys anything you don’t know.) But it is still interesting to see what was incorporated and what not.

Season 1:

Book 1, Dead Until Dark

Sookie, a telepathic waitress working in Merlotte’s Bar and Grill in Bon Temps, Louisiana is introduced. She meets Bill Compton, a vampire to whom she is attracted partly because she cannot read his mind. Sookie saves Bill from Denise and Mack Rattray who intend to drain their victim’s blood for use as a narcotic. Sookie is later attacked by the Rattrays but Bill saves Sookie and kills her attackers. Several murders occur in Bon Temps with Sookie’s brother Jason and Bill both becoming suspects due to the presence of fang marks on the victims and to their previous relationships with Jason. After Jason is arrested, Sookie visits a vampire bar, Fangtasia, in an attempt to discover if any vampires knew the victims. Sookie meets vampire sheriff Eric Northman who discovers the waitress’ telepathy. Sookie uses this ability to help Eric discover that vampire Longshadow has been embezzling from Fangtasia. A confrontation ensues and Eric saves Sookie’s life by staking Long Shadow when he attacks her. Sookie discovers her Gran, Adele, has been murdered. Bill leaves to improve his position in the vampire hierarchy. Sookie discovers that her boss, Sam, is a shape-shifter. While Bill is gone, Sookie discovers that the murderer is her brother’s friend Rene Lenier. He almost kills her, but she fights back and he is imprisoned. Bill returns and has become area investigator, working under Eric.

Season 2:

Book 2, Living Dead in Dallas

Sookie’s co-worker Lafayette Reynolds is killed. Sookie is later attacked by a maenad and is treated by Dr Ludwig as instructed by Eric. Eric then asks Sookie to go to Dallas to search for a missing vampire. Sookie goes to the Fellowship of the Sun church where the Dallas vampires believe the missing vampire to be. The Dallas vampire’s associate Hugo accompanies Sookie, who discovers that he is a traitor. Sookie is injured while escaping the church. Eric tricks Sookie into ingesting his blood so that he will be connected to her. Sookie returns to Bon Temps after arguing with Bill but the pair later reconcile. Sookie and Eric go to a sex party similar to one Lafayette has recently attended. Sookie discovers Lafayette’s murderers, who are killed by the maenad, Callisto.

Season 3:

Book 3, Club Dead

Bill goes missing after traveling to Mississippi and Eric suspects that Lorena, who made Bill a vampire, is to blame. Sookie travels to Mississippi to use her telepathy to try to locate Bill. Sookie is escorted by Alcide Herveaux (a werewolf) to a vampire bar where she learns that Bill is being held captive and that vampire king Russell Edgington may be involved. While attempting to prevent one of Russell’s employees from being staked, Sookie herself is injured. While receiving medical treatment at Russell’s mansion, Sookie learns that Bill is being tortured in the pool house. Sookie kills Lorena and saves Bill but is locked in the trunk of a car with him. Deprived of blood, Bill drinks from Sookie and rapes her. Sookie is driven home by Eric. On the way back to Bon Temps two people raid a gas station while looking for Sookie and Eric. At Sookie’s house Eric and Sookie are attacked by several werewolves who are then killed. Sookie ends her relationship with Bill.

Season 4:

Book 4, Dead to the World

Sookie finds Eric, who has had his memory wiped. She is persuaded by Eric’s second in command, Pam Ravenscroft, to allow him to live with her. Sookie learns that a witch coven is believed responsible for Eric’s memory loss. Jason goes missing. Sookie has sex with Eric and falls in love with him. Pam suggests several people fight off the coven and Pam captures the witch responsible for Eric’s memory loss, making her lift the spell. Eric regains his memories but forgets his time with Sookie. Sookie and Sam discover that Jason has been held captive in Hotshot, a local werepanther community where he has been changed into a werepanther. Alcide’s jealous girlfriend, Debbie Pelt, breaks into Sookie’s house and tries to shoot her but Eric takes the bullet before Sookie shoots Debbie.

Season 5:

Book 5, Dead as a Doornail

Sookie learns several were-animals and shape-shifters have been shot and injured, including Sam. Sookie gets a replacement Bartender, Charles Twining, from Eric. Jason is blamed by Calvin Norris, leader of Hotshot, for the shootings. Sookie’s house is set on fire but Sookie is rescued by her fairy godmother, Claudine Crane. A dead man is found outside and is blamed for the fire. Sookie is shot. While trying with Sam to track down the shooter, Sookie is confronted by Merlotte’s employee Sweetie Des Arts who reveals herself as the shooter and then also shoots Tray Dawson, a werewolf protecting Sookie sent by Calvin, before being shot dead by Andy Bellefleur. Charles attacks Sookie and reveals that he was sent by Longshadow’s maker to hurt Eric by taking something that he loves. Charles had shot Sam so that Sookie must find a replacement bartender and had set her house on fire before framing an innocent man. Sookie learns her friend Tara Thornton is being forced into a relationship with Mickey. Eric helps free Tara of Mickey but in exchange Sookie tells Eric about what happened when he had amnesia including their relationship and her killing of Debbie.

My thoughts:

Obviously, the only remnant of season 5 were the shifter shootings and Sweetie Des Arts targeting shifters.  So, if the True Blood writers pick some plot point from book 6 — and I’m thinking it will only be a single plot point or maybe two at the most — which one do you think is most likely?

Here’s the description of book 6, Definitely Dead

Sookie begins dating Quinn and is attacked by werewolves while on a date with Quinn. Sookie learns that her vampire cousin, Hadley Delahoussaye, has been murdered. Hadley’s landlord, witch Amelia Broadway, had put Hadley’s apartment under a spell but when the spell is broken Sookie and Amelia are attacked by newly turned vampire Jake Purifoy who does not rise due to Amelia’s spell. Sookie and Amelia are taken to the hospital where Bill, while being pressured by Eric, reveals that he had been asked to move to Bon Temps to learn more about Sookie’s telepathy. Sookie tells the vampire Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne Leclerq that Amelia plans to magically reconstruct the time of Jake’s turning, which Sophie-Anne watches the witches perform. Sophie-Anne tells Sookie that she has fairy blood which attracts supernaturals. Sophie-Anne asks Sookie to look through Hadley’s apartment to locate a missing diamond bracelet once given to the queen by her husband; the discovery that this bracelet is missing would mean political disaster for Sophie-Anne. A group of Werewolves kidnaps Sookie and takes her to the Pelt family. With help from Eric, Sookie is able to resolve her differences with the Pelts. Sookie and Quinn attend the party Sophie-Anne and her husband, Peter Threadgill, throw in celebration of their new union. Peter attempts to take over Louisiana and in the violence, Quinn is injured. Peter is ultimately killed and Sookie then returns to Bon Temps.

Given the existing story lines on the show, it seems like some book 5 plot line possibilities that could be woven in as shout outs might be:

  • Hadley gets murdered
  • A were gets turned vamp like Jake Purifoy
  • Possible repercussion from the marriage between Sophie Anne and Russell Edgington (instead of Peter Threadgill) that was performed by the Magister in season 3
  • Sookie gets kidnapped by weres in revenge for Debbie Pelt’s murder

Of all of those possible plot points, the one that currently looks most likely based on what we currently know is the last — as we do know that episode 6.3 is called “Abducted.”  Could Sookie be taken by weres associated with Debbie Pelt?

Of course, none of these thoughts include what plot lines from books past book 6 could be included.  True Blood has already included Sookie and Eric exchanging blood (book 7, All Together Dead), Alcide becoming pack leader (book 7, ATD), and it currently looks if they will introduce Sookie’s grandfather Niall (book 8, From Dead to Worse) this season.

What do you guys think might also be included this season, if anything? There are two things I very much want to see:  Eric and Sookie’s blood bond/marriage, which I think is going to be revealed either by the end of season 6 or in season 7, and the vampire summit/explosion from All Together Dead.  I think a vampire summit is a real possibility with the fall of the Authority.

Anyone else (especially if you know the books really well) want to jump in on speculation here?



6 responses to “Will they use a plotline from SVM book 6?

  1. I just hope Sookie doesn’t start dating a were-tiger! The summit would actually make a lot of sense, since the Authority is in shambles.

  2. Reblogged this on isismama and commented:
    Why couldn’t they just stick with the program, i.e. the books?

  3. Isismama, I think that IF Sookie dates any weres (and I think they are probably not going to go there with her dating someone else seriously with Eric still around), it will be Alcide. I think Quinn as a character is totally off the table since he wouldn’t serve any real purpose except to keep her from Eric for a while, and they will most likely not have 13 seasons to tell Sookie’s story. I would also argue that the dog fights that Tommy was involved in was probably a shout out to Quinn’s story line, because wasn’t he involved in something like that or his mother or something?

  4. I think you are being optimistic about this Season of TB. While I am a mega fan & I would love the show to incorporate some of these themes, I think it went so far away from cannon that it would be unlikely for some of these scenarios to happen. My theory about ‘Abducted’, would have to deal with either Warlow or the water fae. I think Sookie being kidnapped my enemy fae is a real possiblity especially if this new character played by Rutger Hauer is a ‘Niall’ like great-grandfather. It would be a real dark turn for the series if Sookie is tortured like she was in the book, but it would be a chance for Eric to shine if he follows the bond & rescues her.

    • I like the idea of Eric rescuing Sookie from whoever abducts her — assuming she is the one who is abducted, that is! I’ll be curious to see if they pick any plot point at ALL for this season as a shout out to the books since they have gotten so far from the source material. Not that I mind that so much; I enjoy the books, but I’m at peace with them having departed from their storyline, with the exception that I can never have too much Eric and Sookie.

  5. Hi!

    I think Sookie will indeed have to deal with the killing of Debbie Pelt. If you go back over Alcide’s two meetings with the Pelts about Debbie his facts didn’t line up. Andy is glamoured to forget her very name but the Pelts are bound to come calling with a few questions for Sookie, since Debbie’s truck was found so close to the Stackhouse property.

    As for Quinn, it’s possible this Ben character is fulfilling this role. I said on Tumblr that maybe Warlow killed Ben’s parents too–providing a rationale for the flashback we will be getting— and Ben has tracked him to Bon Temps. This would parallel Eric’s hunt for Russell for killing his family, and give Jason, Sookie, and Ben common purpose without the need for romance. but perhaps Sookie does have a dalliance with tBen, and perhaps it will turn out that Ben has a darker agenda, just as book Quinn did. [wasn’t Quinn also sent by a monarch to spy on Sookie? I haven’t read the books..]

    I believe in season 6 either a witch will perform an ectoplasmic reconstruction or we’ll have the Fairy Circle equivalent, of Gran’s murder and people will be shocked! shocked! I tell you. 😉

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