More casting info for 6.5 *spoilers*

Gotta love Mondays, which seems to be the day for casting call spoilers! Below the Read More.

From SpoilerTv on 3/18/13:

In episode 6.05 of True Blood, we’ll meet Ben’s mother and father via flashback.

Wow, so many parent flashbacks this season.  What is up with that? In addition to the possibility of more flashbacks with Sookie and Jason’s parents, we’ve seen casting calls for Niall’s parents and now Ben’s.  My speculation is that there could be ancestral rivalries, grudges or family enmity revealed in all of this.  Maybe they will actually follow the books in making Sookie a target of Niall’s fae enemies?  Now whether that includes Warlow remains to be seen, but I suspect it will also include Ben.

If you’ve missed any spoilers up until now, check out my running tally of season 6 spoilers here.


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