EW interview for The East

Nice interview from Entertainment Weekly that compliments Alexander Skarsgard very nicely about his behavior this weekend at SXSW.  Oh, and mentions that he has nude scenes in “The East”.  @@!

My favorite quotes:

Skarsgard, who plays the charismatic, driven head of the East collective, had traveled to Austin with friends rather than a publicist, a low-key, genial move everyone agreed was indicative of his mellow charm.


Behind an L-shaped barricade, a breathless crowd waved True Blood DVDs and boasted how many hours they’d been waiting to gaze up at Skarsgard with grateful eyes. He worked his way up from the back of the line, accepting hugs, signed autographs, taking pictures with young women who had driven into town from Dallas and Houston. “He’s the most accommodating actor I’ve seen come through here all week,” a SXSW volunteer staff member said. “I can’t believe he went all the way down the barricade. No one ever does that.”


Only Skarsgard stayed for the movie, watching his nude scenes like a grown up, without flinching or smirking. Afterwards, The East family stayed out until 4 a.m., dancing and partying and drinking Lone Stars at the Vampire Weekend show. “This feels like a vacation,” said Skarsgard. “It’s hectic but I’m with some of my best friends and I get to talk about a movie that I’m so passionate about. I get to hang out with these people and they’re so f—ing amazing.”

When asked the next day about his hangover, and how he might fare during a day of doing press, Skarsgard cheerfully said ”Well, I’m wearing sunglasses.”


3 responses to “EW interview for The East

  1. I wish I would have known, and had the money! I would have gone!

  2. I like to think that the reason Askars keeps getting headlines on sites like EW and Just Jared isn’t just because he’s gorgeous but because he’s genuinely a sweetie and even the journalists are crushing on him.

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