Casting news for 6.3 *spoilery*

Eric and Sookie Lovers turned up a tidbit of casting news on IMDB.  Below the Read More!

It’s only a teeny bit of news, but it does support my theory that the four 8-year-old fairy girls in episode 6.3 are not in a flashback, but are Andy’s fairy quadruplets, growing up super-fast.  According to IMDB, an actress named Chloe East has been cast as “Sheriff Andy’s Fairy Daughter.”  If you will recall, the original casting call asked for the following:

Episode #603, “Abducted” (formerly “Rock Hard Times”)

Writer: Mark Hudis

Director: Howard Deutch

And four of these: [FAERIE GIRL 1] 9 TO PLAY 8 years old, they are mischievous and giggly, and can hear people’s thoughts…

I would respectfully disagree with Nymerias on Eric and Sookie Lovers about whether or not this makes logical sense.  Since Maurella’s pregnancy was only a week long, it doesn’t surprise me that the children would grow with magical speed (which will, of course, be convenient for the show, since they should be adults before very long at all, and no longer Andy’s responsibility.)  Nymerias also said that since Sookie is half-fae, she should also have grown with magical rapidity, but I believe that Sookie is far less than half-fae in her blood line.  The fae part passes through her father’s side and appears to have entered when that first contract was written with Johnny Stackhouse back in the 1700s.  By my counting, that is at least a few generations back — most likely four or more (parents/grandparents/greatgrandparents/great-great-grandparents.) The bloodline would be diluted by half in each generation, so if it is four generations back (great-great-grandparents) she would be only 1/16th fae, compared to Andy’s daughters being full half-fae.  It also seems to me that while fae may reach maturity rapidly, they then appear to look as if they are in their 20s for several decades and have unusually long lives.

In any case, here’s Andy’s first fae daughter!

Chloe East


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