EW interview with Charlaine Harris

I don’t consider it terribly spoilery, so I’m not even putting up a warning!  But Entertainment Weekly spoke with Charlaine Harrisabout the end of the Southern Vampire/Sookie Stackhouse mystery series, coming this May.  First they played a video — which you must go to their site to see! — which is a promotional for the book and based on the familiar cover art by Lisa Desimini:

The interview is a bit longer and you need to go to the second page of the EW article to read it, but this is the part that I was intrigued by:

Are you satisfied with the ending?
It’s the ending I had planned all along, maybe from like the second book on. There will be people who are super happy and there will be people who will not be happy, but you have to stay true to your own vision.

So you never felt the urge to change anything in the series based on the readers’ feedback?
No. I’m sorry, this is the universe I’m the queen of. The readers can get pretty angry and tell me I’m writing the characters wrong. I hardly see how that could be possible. They’re my characters! [Laughs]

I feel like Eric is especially a source of controversy. I have a friend who told me to ask you, and I quote: “Why did you decide to create a character that everyone fell in love with and then rip him from are our nimble little page-turning fingers?”
When I created Eric, I felt I’d created a complete person, with both a very attractive side and an unattractive one. Of course, no one’s perfect, human or vampire or Were! There’s no perfect “happily ever after.” But I get a lot of indignant feedback from a small but vocal group of readers whenever the narrative requires that one of Eric’s less lovely characteristics play into the story.

Honestly, if the ending is Sookie with anyone other than Eric, I have a hard time imagining more than a fraction of the readers being “super happy” with that outcome, but maybe I’m wrong.  It is also clear that Charlaine has some issues with at least some Eric lovers, although it sounds to me as if the issue may be those people who feel the reader should always take Eric’s side and that Eric is always right, something I sometimes see in fanfiction.  I wonder, is it possible for her to have written a pro-Sooric ending that still might piss off some Eric lovers?  I imagine if Eric is made human — and realistically, that’s the only way to resolve the differences between him and Sookie long-term since Sookie will not be turned — she might be worried that people who loved Eric as the Vampire Viking Sex God will be pissed.

Of course, she may just put Sookie together with Sam, which I would find kind of disappointing, but, as CH says (basically) her story, her rules.  And if I end up unhappy with the final book, well, rewrite! That is what fanfiction is for.  🙂

5 responses to “EW interview with Charlaine Harris

  1. I agree! And rewrite rewrite and rewrite some more! It better be Sooric….

  2. Yup! It is her universe, and she is Queen.

  3. Well –let’s look at what happens in Book 2. The Maenad and it was Eric that helped her. Dallas –and Bill couldn’t do much for her. It was Eric that patched her up and protected her during the attack while Bill ran off to “eat” the attackers. It was Eric that took Sookie to the “orgy” and protected her. Sam was just a sidebar and was running with the Maenad; otherwise, there’s not much about him. Bill let Sookie down a couple of times. Eric was always there for her.

    I think the “Eric fans” that CH is having trouble with are the ones that don’t like that CH has shown a “bad” side to the Viking –he’s always an angel, donchaknow, in FF. But, in CH’s world, there is the good, bad and the ugly at times. Sookie has seen all side to Eric; he’s never hidden his true nature from her and she still loves him for it.

    The only way they have a HEA is if Eric pulls his head out of his butt and realizes he has to do something to get out of this agreement Appius made with Fredja. He has to do it; Sookie can’t do it for him. Will he be up to the task? I think he will.

    It won’t be Sam. CH has already said that the short stories “If I Had A Hammer” and “An Apple for the Creature” take place after DEA –and it both Sam is firmly in the “friend zone”.

    I have every confidence that CH will have Sookie and Eric together. Eric will have to come to an understanding that Sookie won’t want to be turned. He will be with her until her end. 50-60 years maybe? About the same for a human couple.

    One thing I’ve never understood is what “advantage” Sookie had with being a Fae. There was none as far as I could see. Telepathy came from Cadialades; she won’t have a longer life, as far as we’ve been told by CH. OK she smells good but that can be a bain and not a boon around vamps. So….what were the advantages? None that I can see unless something comes up in DEA that has not been disclosed before.

    But, every couple has challenges, ups and downs and becomes pissed off with one another as well as fiercly loving and protecting each other. In this I see a E/S HEA.

    Just my 2 cents —

    • Great post, Pat! Even though I’ve read all the SVM books more than once, I don’t feel like I have as solid a grasp on the details that I do of True Blood, which is one reason why I don’t write things set in the SVM world. I remember thinking with the last book that it looked like CH was setting up for an E/S ending, but the talk about CH not liking Eric lovers has always made me wonder. That she might have issues with people who want Eric to be perfect makes sense.

      Argh, is it May yet?

  4. Anyone who has ever dated knows no man is perfect. Eric surely isn’t. However , we do like his good qualities, protective, funny, loyal and a nice body. He needs to learn how to vocalize his feelings and let Sookie (us) know how is really feeling. I guess in May the wait will be over. after how many years??? 13? We will know what happens. I hope it doesn’t end up like some of her series though, where she wraps up everything in the last chapter and goes there.

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