Ask Ausiello spin on the most recent casting call

Ask Ausiello mentioned the recent casting call news in this week’s spoiler column. Nothing new per se, but below the Read More anyhow!

Question: I long for hot weather when vampires and werewolves take their clothes off! Any True Blood scoop? —Jenilee
Ausiello: Yep — I can tell you with whom those vampires and werewolves will be stripping down! She’s Violet, a hot-as-hell, tough-as-nails blood-sucker in, give or take, her 600s (though she’ll look about 25). Not only do I hear that she’ll be mixed up in a major love triangle, the role will go from recurring this season to series regular the next. Got casting tips? Hit the comments!

Hmmm, hearing that she is tough as nails and about 600 makes me think that she’s not Jason’s type per se.  But I could see either Eric (gulp!) being someone she is interested in or Pam and Tara fighting over her.


4 responses to “Ask Ausiello spin on the most recent casting call

  1. Depressing news, it seems, on the Eric/Sookie front. 😦

  2. Meridian, I’m still holding out hope for the triangle to be Pam/Tara/Violet. Not that I don’t enjoy Pam and Tara together, but I suspect that the joy of the kiss and the proposed date between Eric’s “girls” means that something is going to wrong with that relationship very quickly. I like it better if it is an outside person than the two of them going back to dislike for one another.

  3. Ooooh, that would be interesting if she were the new ruler of Louisiana. Since the Authority has broken down, does that mean the old system of the monarchs has re-arisen, where whoever seizes power rules?

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