Reviewing Bucky Buckner

So, now that Brian “Bucky” Buckner is in charge, what has he done in the past?  He has been an executive producer from the beginning and his name is on all the episodes to date in that capacity, but here are the episodes he has written:

  • Escape from Dragon House, 1.4

Another killing in Bon Temp finds Jason back in custody with officers Andy and Bud. Tara gets him off the hook, but neither she nor Lafayette has the antidote to his current ailment. Urged by Gran to use her telepathic abilities to weed out the murderer and exonerate her brother, Sookie persuades Bill to take her to a Shreveport vampire bar called Fangtasia, where she impresses a dominant Nordic bloodsucker named Eric with her prescient powers. Later, Bill demonstrates his own considerable powers when an abusive patrolman stops the couple on their way home. Introduction of Eric! 

  • Plasir D’Amour, 1.9

Bill breaks a vampire taboo in protecting Sookie – and must pay a steep price as a result. Jason and Amy break their own taboo by kidnapping a vampire named Eddie in order to harvest his blood. With Lettie Mae apparently cured, a skeptical Tara consults with Miss Jeanette about exorcising her own inner demon. Sookie returns home to yet another horrific tragedy, prompting Bill to enlist an unlikely bodyguard – Sam – to protect her while he’s away.

  • Keep this Party Going, 2.2

After making up with Bill, Sookie suggests that he take it a little easier on Jessica as she is just a teenager. Bill tries to convince Sookie that a vampire as new as she is is not capable of controlling her impulses and that she could be dangerous. En route to the Light of Day Leadership conference, Jason becomes fast friends with an anti-vampire zealot named Luke. However, after Jason makes a good impression on Steve Newlin, and Sarah Newlin in particular, Luke’s good-natured friendship turns to bitter jealousy, and he tells Jason that he doesn’t belong there. Eric approaches Bill and demands that he and Sookie help in finding a vampire sheriff named Godric, who has gone missing in Dallas. Meanwhile, Tara finds out more about Eggs’ past as a criminal, and he makes it clear that he is interested in her. After a failed attempt to escape from the basement of Fangtasia, Lafayette is shot. He asks Eric, Pam and Chow to turn him into a vampire rather than kill him. Fangs bared, they ferociously bite him. Jessica realizes she misses her family after seeing her parents, who think she has just gone missing, on TV. She asks Sookie to take her to see her family and Sookie agrees, on the condition that Jessica stay in the car. Although she agrees, when they arrive at the house, Jessica cannot resist meeting with her old family. When her father comes home, he angrily accuses her of putting the family through hell. Even though Sookie tries to stop her, Jessica attacks her father and threatens to kill him for all the times he beat her. However, Bill shows up and glamors his way into the house just in time. The episode ends on an ominous note, with Bill throwing Sookie out of the house barking at her that he has to “clean up her mess”.

  • Hard-Hearted Hannah, 2.6

Godric’s minion, Isabel, drops in on Bill and Sookie with her human boyfriend, Hugo. He and Sookie prepare to infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun. Eric, meanwhile, has summoned Lorena to the hotel in order to drive Bill and Sookie apart. While there, Lorena ruminates on her and Bill’s violent past together. Sam and Daphne continue to grow closer, both physically and emotionally. During one of Maryann’s errands, Eggs senses something familiar about the environment, and leads Tara to a remote spot in the woods. The two suspect that something bad happened there. Hoyt tells his mother that his girlfriend is a vampire. Andy interrogates Lafayette about his disappearance and threatens to lock him up. Lafayette then has horrible flashbacks of being locked up and collapses into a ball. He is comforted by Andy’s cousin Terry. Luke and Jason are summoned to the Fellowship Church to build a crucifix platform for a ceremony called “meet the sun,” in which a vampire will be tied to the cross just before dawn and left to burn in the sun. While talking with Luke, Jason somewhat hesitantly decides to practice abstinence. Sookie and Hugo are greeted at the church by Sarah, who introduces them to Steve. It doesn’t take Sookie long to find out that the Newlins have a vampire locked in the basement. After meeting Gabe, the drill instructor, Sookie reads Steve’s thoughts and finds out that someone has tipped off the Fellowship about their mission. Both Sookie and Hugo are captured and dragged into the basement while a teary-eyed Sarah watches helplessly. Pam visits Lafayette and orders him to start dealing V again. Sam and Daphne go on a shape-shifting run together, with Daphne shifting into a pig. They are chased by Andy, who thinks he recognizes the pig from one of Maryann’s parties. Lorena drops in on Bill who tries to resist her, sensing Sookie is in grave danger, but Lorena, also knowing that Sookie is in danger, overpowers him. Hoyt drives all the way to Dallas to visit Jessica. Tara and Eggs return to Sookie’s house, where following a trail of clothes they find some of the townspeople taking part in an orgy organized by Maryann. Tara witnesses Maryann in her blurry supernatural state. At the church, Sarah turns to Jason for help, saying that they were meant to be together. Jason tries to resist, but she convinces him that it’s God’s will and they end up having sex on the balcony. Daphne tries to lead Sam towards the orgy, but he is hesitant about the drum music. Two people jump out of the woods and grab Sam, dragging him to the orgy, where he sees the ritual (which now includes Tara and Eggs, also in trance-induced sex) taking place. Daphne helps Maryann into a bull’s head mask and Carl approaches with a sacrificial knife.

  • Bad Blood, 3.1

In the third season premiere, Sookie enlists the help of Eric in her search for the missing Bill. Sam begins his search for his birth parents. Tara falls into despair following Eggs’s death and attempts suicide. Lafayette invites Tara’s mother to help watch over her while Jason and Andy work to cover up the truth regarding their role in Eggs’s death. Jessica attempts to save a man whose blood she drained. Eric is paid a surprise visit by the Vampire Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne. Bill frees himself from his captors but finds himself in unfriendly territory in Mississippi.

  • Hitting the Ground, 3.7

With Bill’s help, Sookie stakes Lorena. Alcide and Tara attempt to help Sookie get Bill to safety. Debbie tries to thwart their plans but Tara concocts a plan in Sookie’s head to get the upper hand. Alcide kills Cooter, causing Debbie to vow vengeance on Alcide. Sookie lets Bill feed on her blood to help revive him, but he ends up attacking her, putting her in a coma. While in her coma, Sookie visits a magical place and meets Claudine. Learning that Sookie does not have a blood type, Bill uses his blood to save her. Sam rescues Tommy from the dog fighting ring and convinces him to leave his parents. Jason attempts to learn more about Crystal from her jailed cousin. Summer declares her feelings for Hoyt. Eric forces Sookie’s cousin, Hadley, into revealing Sookie’s secret. Eric, Russell and Sophie-Anne go to Fangtasia to rescue Pam. Russell forces the Magister to marry him and Sophie-Anne, killing him immediately afterward.

  • You Smell Like Dinner, 4.2

Eric tries to convince Sookie to become his. Sookie visits Bill for help in dealing with Eric, only to find out that Bill has become King of Louisiana. A flashback reveals that Bill first met Nan Flanagan of the AVL in 1982 England, on its orders infiltrated the Queendom of Louisiana and arranged for the execution of the previous monarch, Sophie-Anne Leclerq, by AVL snipers. Back in the present, Bill tells Sookie there is nothing he can do to stop Eric. Tara returns to Bon Temps and pays Sookie a visit, but Sookie soon leaves for Fangtasia to seek Pam’s advice, angry that Eric has altered her house. Meanwhile, Tara joins Lafayette and Jesus as they attend another witches’ meeting, where Marnie announces she plans to resurrect a human. Eric, on Bill’s orders, tells Marnie to dissolve her witch coven. As she refuses and Eric attacks her, she is taken over by a strange entity and successfully curses Eric into losing his memory. In Fangtasia, Sookie encounters Jessica feeding on someone who isn’t Hoyt. In Hotshot, Felton and Crystal Norris tell Jason of their intentions to turn him into a werepanther, so he can breed for their community. Sam’s romantic interest in fellow shapeshifter Luna grows as she reveals she is able to shift into another human. Sam’s manipulative half-brother Tommy speaks of mending their bond. On her way home from Fangtasia, Sookie comes across Eric walking down the street with no shirt, no shoes and no memory.

  • Let’s Get Out of Here, 4.9

Alcide takes the severely wounded Sookie to her house, where Bill gives her his blood. Unconscious, she dreams about having both Eric and Bill in her life. Marnie has cast a spell on Eric which puts him under her control. Lafayette, still possessed by Mavis’s spirit, takes Mikey to Hoyt’s house (Mavis’s house when she was alive) and kicks him out. Jason and Andy go to Hoyt’s to rescue Mikey, and Lafayette threatens to shoot them with Andy’s stolen gun. Jesus arrives and is able to convince Mavis that Mikey is not hers and that her baby is dead. They find the bodies of both Mavis and her baby buried in Hoyt’s yard. Mavis’s spirit leaves Lafayette’s body. Debbie offers to help Sookie get Eric back. Meanwhile, Sam and Luna and her daughter go camping; when Luna’s daughter is asleep, Sam and Luna make love. Alcide tells Marcus that he wishes to rise in the pack hierarchy to please Debbie. Marcus goes to Merlotte’s and tells Tommy that he wishes to meet Sam at night. Tommy, skinwalking as Sam, goes to meet Marcus. Tommy (as Sam) tells Marcus that he did not touch Luna, but that his brother did. In a jealous rage, Marcus has some wolves beat up Tommy, but Alcide puts an end to the fighting and takes the unconscious Tommy, now back in his true form, home. Jason goes to Bill’s mansion and gives Jessica a box of her belongings from Hoyt; he and Jessica have sex in the back of his truck. Debbie goes to Marnie’s hideout and distracts her while Sookie finds Eric and discovers Marnie’s plans to use Eric to kill Bill. Sookie and Debbie escape and go to find Bill at the Festival of Tolerance in Shreveport, where Marnie/Antonia uses Eric and some other bewitched vampires to attack Bill, kill humans, and create chaos in an effort to discredit the vampires.

Picking up immediately where Season Four left off, Lafayette and Sookie are in the kitchen with the bodies of Tara and Debbie, when Pam appears. Sookie and Pam make a deal: if Pam resurrects Tara by turning her into a vampire with Pam’s blood, Sookie will help repair Pam’s relationship with Eric, in addition to “owing her one”. Meanwhile, Bill and Eric are arrested by the Vampire Authority for Nan Flanigan’s murder, when Nora, Eric’s ‘sister’ rescues them and has sex with Eric. The former Rev. Steve Newlin confronts Jason and declares he’s a “Proud Gay American Vampire” and has been in love with Jason ever since he met him. Outside Merlotte’s, Sam is confronted by Marcus’ wolfpack, who take and torture Sam, until Alcide reveals he killed Marcus, not Sam. Meanwhile, Jessica attends a party with the local college students, when Jason arrives and becomes jealous of Jessica when he sees her with another guy. As a result of his hookup with Jessica, Jason realizes his friendship with Hoyt will never be the same again. Andy hooks up with Holly. Terry’s old Marine friend, Patrick, visits a hysterical and rude Terry much to Arlene’s chagrin when Terry starts yelling at her for no reason. Alcide asks Sookie to live with him due to Russell Edgington’s return, but she declines the offer. Sookie and Lafayette wait for the arrival of vampire Tara to awaken when Pam digs out of the ground. An upset Sookie and Lafayette assume that it did not work and Tara is dead for good as the fanged Tara pops up and lunges for a frightened Sookie.

  • In the Beginning, 5.7

Salome reveals where her true allegiances lie, admitting she was the one who dug up Russell’s grave after following Eric and Bill the night Russell was buried. Sookie considers life without fairy powers; after discovering that her fairy powers are finite, she decides to use them up on the night sky. After a fight with Jessica, Jason runs towards the light in the sky emitted by Sookie. Meanwhile, Sam locates one of the shooters at the hospital after catching his scent. Hoyt finds a new group of friends. Alcide prepares for a fight. Tara finally confronts and breaks all ties with her mother after revealing herself as a vampire. Lafayette searches for Jesus’ body in Mexico and is held hostage by Jesus’ uncle. The Chancellors, Nora, Bill and Eric, under Russell’s lead, drink the blood of Lilith and become high. They raid a private party and feast on the humans present. A vision of Lilith (portrayed by actress Jessica Clark) appears, commanding them to continue draining the humans, while looking at Nora. Godric appears in a vision to Eric, stating Eric knows what he is doing is wrong but his sister does not, and Eric must save her.

From my perspective, not a lot of the strongest Eric/Sookie interactions can be attributed to Buckner (unlike Raelle Tucker and Alexander Woo, both of whom write some great Sooric) but I’m willing to give him a chance.  What do you guys think?


4 responses to “Reviewing Bucky Buckner

  1. I think “cautious optimism” is the order of the day. And by “cautious optimism” I mean “take notes and complain A LOT”… 😉

  2. Not sure. Kinda so-so with him right now. but he has written some great memorable episodes.

  3. Truly it’s too early to tell. We don’t know what happened with the other guy. I can only hope that him being fired was not due to taking a better direction in the story. If that is the case then TB, Eric, and Sookie are screwed. I only watch for Eric and the hope that E/S will happen. I won’t keep HBO if it doesn’t go that way. Also, I’ve been so unhappy with AB and his treatment of the whole series that on principle I won’t watch his new series on Cinemax either. I am so unhappy with him that I won’t even subscribe to Cinemax probably ever. I think that everyone should let HBO know how they feel. They are a business and only respond to things that affect the bottom line. 🙂

    • I admit, Hudis kind of turned me off a couple of weeks ago when he said something along the lines of Bill fans being happier after episode 2. I was looking forward to seeing Billith as a problem most of the season, not quickly taken out of play.

      Hudis also obviously wasn’t listening when fans complained last year about how big the cast had gotten and how many storylines were going on at once, given the number of new characters being introduced. I’m hoping that they didn’t feel he was doing enough to change course from last season, although I doubt we’ll get the real story for some time to come.

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