Mark Hudis OUT!

TVLine announced tonight that Mark Hudis, who was tapped to be the showrunner in Alan Ball’s place after AB’s departure, is out and Brian “Bucky” Buckner is taking over for the rest of the season.  Holy @#@#$#@!!!

So, was someone unhappy with the direction season 6 was already going in? And, as crazy as this sounds, does this have anything to do with Alexander Skarsgard’s bruised eye and tense demeanor with the photogs yesterday? (Unlikely, I know, but it is all weird timing.)

The TVLine story:

True Blood is getting a new boss.

Mark Hudis, who took over for Alan Ball as showrunner for the upcoming sixth season, has been replaced by writer/co-executive producer Brian Buckner, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Hudis is stepping down to “to focus on development under his overall deal with the network,” a spokesperson for HBO told the site.

Buckner, who has been with the series since the start, will take the reigns on the sixth season, which is currently in production.

Hudis joined the HBO series in Season 4 as a co-executive producer. He was promoted to showrunner after Ball announced his plans to leave the vamp drama after Season 5 in order to focus his attention on his Cinemax original series Banshee, which was renewed in January.


6 responses to “Mark Hudis OUT!

  1. Dude. My Tumblr dash is exploding over this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I haven’t had a chance yet to run over to FB and see what is going on there, but I had to take out several “holy F***s” that I lead off with before I calmed down! WTF is going on over there? And will it be good for the show or not? And did Mark Hudis punch out ASkars? J/k on that last..sort of…@@

  2. This doesn’t sound good for the show……

  3. I know! Holy Crap!! This is some really crazy shit!! I wonder how they are gonna fix this season. We definitely don’t need Eric in jail this season & I would prefer Eric & Sookie spend some quality time together rather than another whole season apart.

  4. ASkars with a bruise near his eye…Hudis kicked to the curb…OH MY! It really COULD all be complete coincidence, but the winds do seem to be blowing in True Blood’ville, that’s for sure.

  5. It doesn’t bode well. I am nervous about what this means for the storyline this year. Kinda wishing AB hadn’t left now. It felt more stable when he was in charge.

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