Details on the season 5 blu-ray

I was so thrilled with what was on my season 4 blu-ray last year (my first ever blu-ray purchase) that I have since gone back and purchased all the other seasons in the blu-ray format.  And now we have season 5 coming on May 21!  So, what can we expect as far as blu-ray extras this year?

According to Amazon, this is what is on the season 5 blu-ray:

  • Inside the Episodes: Get the back-stories on each episode with revealing interviews from the show writers. Writer commentaries are my favorites, because they always have the most interesting details about the characters and the story rather than the actors.  Downside? Inside the Episode is not new content as far as I know.
  • Audio Commentaries: 5 Commentaries with the Cast and Crew including Alan Ball, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Denis O’Hare, Carrie Preston, and many more! Okay, slightly disappointing that the usual 6 commentaries is down to 5 this year.
  • Previews & Recaps
  • Enhanced Viewing: Character Bios, Vampire Histories, Hints, FYI’s, Flashbacks, and Flash Forwards.  Hopefully these will be as much a goldmine for season 5 as they have been for past seasons.  In past years, they have included wonderful little details, like information on the designer who did Eric’s cubby in Sookie’s house and how something Pam said led Eric to BUY said house. For a fanfic writer who tries to incorporate a lot of canon, these are fabulous!
  • Authority Confessionals: Learn more about the mysterious institution known as The Authority, from Nora, Kibwe, Rosalyn, Salome, Steve, and Russell. I like the variety of voices we will hear here.  I imagine Russell’s take will be very entertaining, and I am looking forward to seeing whether Steve Newlin reveals how much of a role the Authority played in his turning.  Would have liked to see more Roman, though.
  • True Blood Episode Six: Autopsy: Join the cast and crew as they dissect the major events of episode six and provide an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at how True Blood is made. Episode 6 was “Hopeless,” which is is the one that ends with Russell staking Roman.  The discussion of how they decided to do that could be interesting.
  • True Blood Lines: Uncover secrets from relationships past and present in this engaging, fully interactive “”re-Vamped”” guide and archive.  Perhaps they will talk about the history of Eric and Nora’s relationship, as well as more Pam and Eric?  The “secrets” aspect could be interesting!
I will probably do what I did last year and transcribe as many of the interesting bits as I can for posting on the blog.  Hopefully some one else will work out how to rip them to Youtube again the way Merjatb did!
Missed the blu-ray details from season 4 last year? I still have the page up here.

3 responses to “Details on the season 5 blu-ray

  1. OMG those season 4 extras on the blu-ray are fucking awesome!!! I’m going to have to buy me a blu-ray I still do not own one **pouts** so I am missing all these tidbits. I know you posted this last year but THANK YOU for re-posting it for us not in the know LOL…

  2. Raeleen, I got sucked into the blu-ray thing by the promise that the season 4 True Bllod disc would “reveal what was going on in the year Sookie was gone.” I HAD to have that, so I bought a blu-ray player last winter and for months (don’t laugh!) that season 4 TB blu-ray was the only blu-ray disc I owned. I loved it so much, though, that I added a TB season this year anytime I had an excuse (my birthday and Christmas for example.)
    My collection is still small — all True Blood and, errr, Battleship (for reasons you can guess), but for the TB stuff alone, it was worth every penny to me! Plus I found out that my blu ray player can play Netflix and HuluPlus, so it’s all good. 😀

    And I can’t wait to share the season 5 stuff. My family and coworkers aren’t going to care what Eric was doing/thinking/feeling in season 5, but I know fellow Truebies will. :-)))

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