Spoilery picture from set

Someone posting under the name robertmceachren posted an Instagram from filming last night on the TB set.  Below the Read More!

It’s hard to see, but I think we have Tara and Pam on the left and Eric and possibly Nora on the right.  And you KNOW I’m trying to see if Eric has a beard or whether Alex shaved between yesterday’s lunch and last night’s shoot!  Does anyone recognize the house?


2 responses to “Spoilery picture from set

  1. I HATE Nora! Why is she even in the story…oh that’s right…it’s fanfiction on film. I love TB for alot of reasons, but sometimes it just pisses me off. Of course, I still HAVE to watch it, how could I not?

  2. The killer is that when I first heard Eric had a sister, I loved it. Right up until he fist-grabbed her hair and stuck his tongue down her throat at which point I screamed “Nooooooooooooo! ” at the Tv. And the cargo thing? Gorgeous as Askars is, I just couldn’t watch. I can’t even blame Eric — Sookie made it clear they were done and he was free to do whatever he wanted with someone else. And I understand his need for a consolation screw with her, but DAMN, was it hard to watch.

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