Spoilery pic or not?

I’ve only been following the behind-the-scenes aspect of True Blood for about a year, so I don’t know how the normal True Blood filming schedule works.  But I have noticed that ASkars was in NYC (only an hour from me! Oh, the pain of so near and yet so far!) two weeks ago and now has shown up for a lunch date with what appears to be his buddy Fares Fares with a pretty heavy scruff on his chin.  (Check the story out  — with an entire gallery of bearded ASkars) at Just Jared!) Could this mean he hasn’t been filming for the last two weeks? And if so, why not?  Anyone know if TB normally has a lull the last couple of weeks of February — or six weeks into the filming schedule or something?  Or is he not filming while growing facial hair for Eric’s sake or something like that?

I know, I’m probably reading too much into his not having shaved in a few days.  But, seriously, any of you guys have a better sense of what is normal for this stage of seasonal filming?




2 responses to “Spoilery pic or not?

  1. That lovely facial scruff scares me in the “Oh no – does this mean fewer Eric appearances this season” sort of way. 😦

  2. Honestly, I think we’ll see a lot of Eric this season, just like last season. And since ASkars is now a principle lead, that makes a difference as well. (I don’t recall when he moved up the credits, though; maybe the beginning of season 4? He went from the general list that was alphabetical to the short list at the top of the credits. That’s a promotion in TV land and tells you which actors are considered central, a lesson learned from my Buffy fandom days when James Marsters went from supporting to lead.)

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