Misery!Guest poll closed!

I confess: I actually forgot about this because I had so many kind reviews (both pro and con) for my last chapter, but yet another unsigned bitter post tonight reminded me that I had not formally closed the Misery!Guest poll.  And we do have a winner for “representative post” that will remain up while the rest are deleted. It is…

9:53 p.m. I’m done reading this story. I ask you NOT to make Eric as Tara’s maker but you didn’t listen and just did what you wanted anyways. You’ve obviously do not care what your readers think, so I will not continue on with this story.

I do kind of like this one because I appreciate the irony that fanfiction is and always has been about a writer “just doing what [they] want” — or what else was the point?

And just a heads up if you read my stories on fanfiction.net: after yet another “attack review” that was (unsurprisingly) unsigned, I’ve decided to make my personal policy on ff.net reviews explicit.  You can write whatever you want to, positive or negative, and I’ll leave it up if you sign it.  But people who are too cowardly to take responsibility for their viewpoint and hide behind the “Guest” log-in just to attack will have their “review” removed.  I don’t see why I have to allow people to act like trolls when I’m doing this for fun.  Fanfiction writing doesn’t pay me enough to put up with that. ;-P

And, again, big shout out to those who, even if you disagree with something I do in a story express that disagreement like civil people.



6 responses to “Misery!Guest poll closed!

  1. Right on sister. snort!

    • You know I’m a patient person, TW, but the one that got caught in the moderation trap tonight was just the last straw. Unsigned, of course, and completely vitriolic. And given the week I’ve had, my patience is at an end with this kind of behavior. (And with giggling girls whooping it up in the reading room, but that’s another story. Thank god finals are over!)

  2. Paid? You get PAID to write fanfics?? Dangit, how’d you manage to do that?? I haven’t been given one red cent… *wanders off laughing my ass off at the mere thought of being paid to write fics*

    I love how some readers apparently actually believe that an unpaid, obviously un/under-appreciated writer of fanfics somehow owes it to a reader to write the story the READER wants to read. Haven’t they figured out yet that the reason we write is because WE see a story and feel compelled to write it the way WE see it??

    If they want to read a story written their way, then by all means, THEY should write THEIR own story the way THEY see it.


    FWIW, I like your policy. Anyone can say what they feel, but if they’re too damn cowardly to SIGN it, then it doesn’t deserve to be posted. Plain and simple.

    *insert gangsta pose here*

  3. If they were not signed in as “Guest,” the first thing I would have checked is the profile to see if they write or just read. Not that there is anything wrong with just reading fics, but I think it makes a difference in the attitude towards the writer with some people. At least other writers understand what goes into the process and that writing is not like waving some magic wand over the computer and it just miraculously appears. For me, it means giving up other things in my real life downtime to work on it because so far, I’m still getting paid to do my day job and being a parent to a special needs adult. 😛

    I think maturity of the reader makes a difference, too. My guess on Misery!Guest was that she was either very young — maybe even young enough not to be reading my story — or, if she is an adult, has some serious emotional problems.

    Thanks for the support, guys!

  4. You know I can’t believe that you give ignorance so much of your time. It is all in fun and for the enjoyment of everyone!

    • I admit, I enjoyed the hour or so of fun made at Misery!Guest’s expense because laughing (even if a little meanly) made it less hurtful that someone would attack like that. But I’ve already got my roommates in hell picked out. (Salute, my fellow Hellville Triplets, although they don’t read my blog!)

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