More details on 6.4 *spoilers*

Bookies Luv True Blood has the details of the casting calls as well as the author and direction for 6.4! Below the Read More.


Episode #604, “I’m Your Man”

Writer: Alexander Woo

Director: Anthony Hemingway

Start Date: Approx. 2/27/13 

[LAVTF TEAM COMMANDER] Male, mid 30s to 40s. This SWAT team commander prepares his crew for an assault on a house…POSSIBLE RECURRING CO-STAR.

[SECURITY CHIEF] Male, late 20s to late 40s. Horrified by a vampire “visitor,” this security chief is concerned for the safety of his employer…POSSIBLE RECURRING CO-STAR.

My Thoughts: Alexander Wooooooooooo!!!!!  The man who brought us (among other episodes):

  • Timebomb (In which Eric and Sookie are rescued from the Fellowship of the Sun)
  • She’s Not There (“I. Never. Did.” Need I say more?)
  • Cold Grey Light of Dawn (Sooric sex all over the house PLUS the blood exchange and Narnia)
  • We’ll Meet Again (Pam’s making)
  • Gone, Gone, Gone (Eric’s vision of Godric being killed by Lilith)

I tend to feel that they fequently bring in Alexander Woo when they have any meaty/important Eric stuff, so my Spidey sense is tickling between the music possibilities and our AW being the writer.

Other thought: ASkars has been filmed apparently pretending to be human at what looks like the Governor’s house.  Can we assume that that happens at the end of 6.3 as some sort of cliffy since 6.4 has the horrified reaction of the security head? So, if Eric is going to the Governor for help, whose house does that mean will be raided by the LAVTF (Louisiana Vampire Task Force)?  Previous spoilers have said that Billith is resolves by episode 2.  Is there a Big Bad in Billith’s place? Earlier on, I would have assume that Eric was seeking help against Billith, but now I’m not so sure.

Dude, it is June yet!?




One response to “More details on 6.4 *spoilers*

  1. AW does my favorite bits.

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