The Misery!Guest negative review poll

402905_10200755532754462_895178067_nI like the idea of keeping only one of Misery!Guest’s flurry of negative reviews and trashing the rest.  But which one should I keep?  Rather than pick one, I though it would be fun to let you guys choose.  Poll is officially  open for a week, although I may choose one before then. OR just delete all of them because I think this person has clearly HAD their say.

(I feel like I’m channeling my inner Bitch!Pam here…)


8 responses to “The Misery!Guest negative review poll

  1. Those are too funny to choose just one.

  2. I’m so tempted to suggest the last one: by posting it, you’d be auto-negating her (his?) own comment in a beautifully snarktastic way, lol.

  3. OMG this person (sounds like same person) is cray cray!! LOL…. I don’t know you lovely writers put up with these idiots!! I’m sorry ya’ll gotta go thru this!! CRAZY BITCH I swear LOL
    I think the last one is good it’d be like you turnrd your back to them.

  4. i picked second to the last. the threat about harassing you speaks volume of the reviewer’s craziness. i wanted to choose the ‘fuck off’ bit (she posted it twice for emphasis, mind) just out of whim. what kind of person would say that only to make a point? and yes, dear, that would not be polite AT ALL. Ass!

  5. God, this pole is hilarious! You should post a link to this on as a Author Note update. Let the crazy biach see us all the take piss out of her.

  6. If this guests leaves reviews for more chapters, you should point out that she said she was not going to read anymore chapters and she should fully commit to her rebelion! What a basket case this one is! I love your story and find your idea interesting!

  7. Mentally unstable much!!!!! I would just ignore a crazy person like that.

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