…and that is not a good “Wow.”  Someone just posted 13 individual unsigned negative reviews on the most recent chapter of “The Real Me,” I posted on in a matter of minutes.  Since I have unsigned reviews set to “moderate” and (actually can’t log into from work even if I wanted to to approve them) they didn’t post right away, which apparently annoyed said reviewer, so they just kept posting more…and more…and more… and I didn’t even see them until I got home from work.  Since I was accused of not allowing guest reviews to be seen, I approved all of them, so if you want to go see what a mentally unstable blitz attack looks like, have a peek.

But, serious question for veterans who have seen this kind of thing before.  I don’t actually mind a negative review so long as there is actual feedback telling me what they don’t like about the story in it, and a couple of negative reviews have been really helpful in pointing out where I needed to be clearer in what I said.  But these particular reviews don’t really offer anything — except that they do raise my review count.  Unfortunately, with a bunch of “You just suck” kind of reviews, I feel like it not fair to count them that way, but if I take them down, I’ll look like I was embarrassed by them.  And frankly, I’m not since I think they reflect more on the person who wrote them than on me.

Advice? Comments?


14 responses to “Wow…

  1. Leave it. Who cares what they think? Your writing is great and if they can’t bother to log in, well, they are just lucky you allow it. I used to not allow them. If you cannot bother letting me know who you are, then you don’t deserve to critique my work.

    • And it freaking sucks that you cannot report them!! How rude!!! idiot. I am going to go off and cool down. That kind of crap pisses me off. grumble grumble!

    • I doublechecked the settings on the site and it looks as if I can either moderate Guest reviews or let them post freely, because this was the first time I was seriously tempted to just block anything unsigned.

      I like Meridian’s idea of taking them all down but one, but I’m just going to let all of them stay up for a bit because, frankly, I don’t feel like I’m the one who needs to be embarrassed by them. Who knows, maybe my Misery!Guest will take them off herself after a few days. (Thanks to Sweetmg, who made me laugh about this while we were on Facebook by telling me she had pictures of Kathy Bates in Misery based on those reviews.

      And thanks to you guys for the positive feedback, too. It will help me get to sleep tonight (and it is already well past my bedtime for someone who has to be in to work at 8:30!)

  2. Take down all but one of those “reviews”. That’s all you need to show to prove that you are willing to listen to negative reviews, even if the reviewer is fucktarded. So say I. (We all know that you’re the Queen-o-Talent, so skrew the psychos.)

  3. Oh, and question: If I post 13 positive reviews here, does that even it all out?? 😉

  4. Holy fuck balls, that person is insane! And it is all the same person crapping on and on just to get a rise out of you. What a crazy SOB.

    Keep one Guest review, the delete the rest. Reviews are meant to be about constructive feedback and praise, not blatant attacks on an authors confidence.

    I copped a bout of this ‘Guest’ hate last week too. It wasn’t about helpful feedback, it was some unintelligent moron trying to tell me how I should write my own damn story. Got me really mad, too.

    Your stories kick absolute ass, I love how you are bucking trends and writing a new and exciting story, so keep up with where you are going with your plot. It is amazing, don’t let mean spirited people try and undermine your confidence.

    • I admit, I kind of find the TB fanfic fandom a little weird at times because the ff story choices are so different from what I’ve seen in other fandoms. I used to write in Buffy 10 years ago and there was a LOT more interstitial canon (stuff not seen on screen, but clearly part of established storyline) and canon-derived fics than there seem to be in this fandom, which surprised me when I first started reading it. I don’t read enough SVM (rather than TB) fics to know whether there is more canon on that side of the fence, but I suspect there is. (Not that I don’t like SVM, but I just feel more comfortable writing in the TBverse than the book verse, and I don’t read nearly enough of other people’s work, period, since the choice for me is read or write in my downtime! ) Maybe the diffrence between BtVS and TB/SVM is that BtVS only HAD screen canon, not anything different or that deviated from screen in a major way. :-/

      Anyhow, my take is that I write this stuff to entertain me first and readers only second, although I love you if you like what I do. Does that make sense?

      Thanks again, guys. Maybe I’ll actually, you know, WRITE MORE story tonight instead of get all tense about this. (Which is kind of annoying, too — what a distraction this has been!)

  5. I love your stories!! I honestly think that some people are just nasty for no reason! Ignore the them, we love your stories!!!!

  6. Sonofa!!! I am an idiot for taking a peek at the reviews first than reading the story. Shoot! now i’m spoiled and not in a good way! ugh! I’m kind of conflicted here, MVB, I want to agree with Meridian and tell you to just put them down but save one (the one with the most sense– if that is ever possible). But then I don’t want to either because it’ll mean you’re enabling the misery guest to bother you.

    i know how much reviews like that ‘hurt’. i’ve had my share of that about a couple of weeks ago that i actually stopped reading reviews while i was hammering out the previous two chaps.

    chin up, hon! haters can only hate. bitches can only bitch. if you want to have a good laugh about it go and call treewitch, she knows what i mean. hee hee.

    i’ll go and read the chap in ff i want to post my comment there. lots of love!

  7. Just let it go for now. They have said their peace and their comments got posted. I wouldn’t post anymore from them. I know they are guest but I am sure you can tell they are from the same asshole.

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