Highlight Hollywood spoilers

Tommy Lightfoot Garrett of Highlight Hollywood updates us on season 6.  Below the Read More, for the spoiler-averse.

The article has some editorializing on season 5 and quotes Carrie Preston’s comments from earlier in the week, so if you want to read the whole thing, check it out here!  I’ve only excerpted the new nuggets of spoilery information that intrigued me below.

A source on the set of “True Blood” tells Highlight Hollywood, “Mark Hudis had a meeting early in January, and he talked things through, and maybe it’s because we have a great team, but everyone is on board for this wild ride.  But, Mark does know the core fans were not all happy last year, so he’s hoping to bring them back into the fold,” the source said.

Though Alan Ball isn’t the official honcho or showrunner, he’ll still be involved in a limited basis on some of the plots, just not the main ones.  “Tommy, the chemistry this year is incredible.  I just hope the fans are excited, because there will be a major event that happens on the season premiere in June, that will restart the clock.  It’s definitely something most people want to see, and will be reinvigorated by this show,” our insider tells Highlight Hollywood.
What about Eric? “A big year is planned for him!”  Bill? “Things change in the second episode, and Bill fans will be happy as well.”  Pam and Tara?  “Challenges and egos will play a big part in these two characters.”  Sookie, Jason and Rutger Hauer’s character? “Shocking! Game changing,” the source tells Highlight Hollywood. “It’s a war, but nothing like what happened last season.  This is a war of hearts!”  Dare we say it?
We’ll sneak on the set next week, and see what else we can learn about what to expect come June, when “True Blood” returns to HBO.
My thoughts: Okay, who is the unknown source defining as “core fans”? Us Eric supporters or Bill fans or what?  I think that is going to shape what to expect.  What major event could be happening in the season premiere that “restarts the clock”?  It’s been clear from earlier spoilers that Billith is not going to be the seasonal big bad and that Bill is somehow redeemed by episode 2 confirms that.  (Did y’all hear me cursing from across the globe? You should have been able to.  I was REALLY hoping for a whole season of Evil!Bill because I enjoy him so much more that way.  That “Bill fans will be happy” is a disappointment to me.) The whole war of hearts thing is also unnerving. Best case scenario regarding the “war of hearts” comment is that Warlow is trying to claim Sookie and Eric won’t let him.  My one little hope is that the Hudis and his crew understand there is a groundswell of support for Eric and Sookie to be together and that they amp up the romance there.  But not too early because my theory is that if Eric and Sookie start off the season together, the story line will be to tear them apart.  Better for them to want to be together but not there yet!

2 responses to “Highlight Hollywood spoilers

  1. One can only hope they’ve heard from more Eric supporters (ie, BOOK supporters) than Bill supporters…..

  2. It does NOT bode well that A Ballsack is still involved, either. *hrumph* And that bit about Bill fans will be happy? Ugh – who cares? Billith needed hosing down the nearest drain. Also, he totally failed to define who “most people” are, and a “big year” for Eric could equal ANYfreakingTHING! *double hrumph*

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