Thank you for the last year

One year ago today, I put up my first post on Eric Eric Eric.   (And if you’ve never read the story behind the blog name, you can find that here.)

I had been driving a couple of coworkers and my family members cray-cray with my need to talk about True Blood (especially a certain Viking!) and I finally decided it would be better to just channel all that speculation and obsession into a blog where I could track spoilers, speculate to my heart’s content, and post my own fanfiction.  I didn’t know if anyone but me would ever read it, so it has been a real joy to have so many cool and interesting fellow Trubie fans stop by — and then decide to keep checking in.  I’ve made some great friends in the fandom over the last year and I just want to say thank you all for talking True Blood with me, especially my fellow Sooric lovers.  You guys keep me sane! XOXO

Here’s to a Sooric-friendly season 6!


2013 anniverary_edited-1

5 responses to “Thank you for the last year


  2. Happy Anniversary! I love to talk with you on spoilers, and look forward to continuing to do so!

  3. Happy WordPress-a-versary!!! Very glad you do what you do!

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