Wetpaint season 6 tidbits *spoilers*

Wetpaint actually had some teeeeeeeeny-tiny crumbs for us in an interview with Alexander Skarsgard at Sundance.  But, hell, I don’t know about you, but I’m desperate for even the tiniest little tidbit! Below the Read More.

Excerpt from the WetPaint story:

Wetpaint Entertainment: What can you tell us about Season 6 so far?
Alexander Skarsgard: I’ve only gotten the first two scripts, but from what I’ve read, it’s good stuff so far.

What should we expect?
There’s a big war coming up — a big war.

Will Bill be back?
Bill will be back, yes.

In the same form in which we’ve come to know him?
Ah, that I can’t say. I can’t say. But it will be good.

My thoughts: So, obviously Billith and the Sanguinistas will be on one side of this big war.  Who will be on the other side?  Is it as simple as the humans vs. the vamps, or will the weres and/or fae get involved at all?  And how does the Warlow story fit in with war between the races? Are Sookie and Jason going to be off chasing Warlow while Eric and the other vamps are fighting against Bill?

Missed a spoiler? Check out my spoiler page, where I keep it all together for easy reference!



4 responses to “Wetpaint season 6 tidbits *spoilers*

  1. It sound good so far…. I didn’t like where they went last season at all. Wish they had killed Bill for good..

  2. Reblogged this on isismama and commented:
    curiouser and curiouser

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