Ellen Page stalker identified

The EastRemember when ASkars’ costar in The East, Ellen Page, was threatened on Twitter by an unidentified “fan” last year? And part of the threat seemed to be because the stalker thought she was dating Alexander Skarsgard?  The stalker has been identified and ordered to stay away from the actress for three years.

From TMZ:

Ellen Page just scored what might’ve been a lifesaving victory against an alleged stalker — who threatened to kill her online — because a judge has ordered the man to stay the hell away … or else.

TMZ broke the story … the LAPD launched an investigation last year into threats made against the actress via Twitter — threats like “I’m going to murder Ellen Page. She’s dead.”

The investigation yielded one suspect — a man named Joshua Michael Myers — who was ordered today not to contact the actress in any way for 3 years.

Ellen was present in court for the hearing.


2 responses to “Ellen Page stalker identified

  1. His name has ‘Michael Myers’ right in it. Isn’t that the name of the serial killer in the horror movie ‘Halloween’? Creepy.
    Also, if I was going to stalk anyone it would be ASkars. BUT I WON’T CUZ THAT’S ILLEGAL!!

  2. I noticed the Michael Myers thing, too. Talk about parents having set up a kid for failure…! When this first happened, I thought it might be the rare situation where one of ASkars fans was attacking Page for “dating” him, rather than someone focused on Page herself. Because, hey, I could see it.

    We’re all Not Stalking Alex together… 😉

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