TB Comic #8

My copy of TB ongoing comic #8 was waiting for me when I got back and alas, not much to add to what Comicosity had posted late last week.  Spoilers below the Read More.

The story picks up with Alcide and Rikki in bed, having ruined the sheets with their werewolf sex passion.  The story is set post-season 5, clearly, since Rikki points out that the V users are gone from their pack and their wolves are all clean under Alcide’s new pack leadership.  And she is clearly the new alpha’s bitch (in all the positive use of that title in were culture), so all that hinting in the promotional stuff about Alcide and Sookie? (Check out that #6 cover again!) True-Blood_6coverANot happening, at least not in this arc of the series.

In fact, the deemphasis of Alcide and Sookie as a possible couple made me look at the cover again and I realized that I had mistaken the blonde on the cover for Sookie, when she is clearly meant to be Pam. But, again, this turns out to be misleading, since, while Pam and Tara were in the #7 issue, there is no sign of her at all in #8.  And this despite her being on both the A and B covers this time! TrueBlood_408A1-192x300 TrueBlood_408B-192x300

So, the story proceeds with Sookie, Eric and Jason seeking out Alcide and Rikki and then the whole group going to Alcide’s father for help in finding this mysterious “Ghost Pack.”  Alcide agrees to lead his pack against the new wolves, with the females of the pack stepping up to the plate first and the males following rather sheepishly behind.

Meanwhile, at the Bellefleur mansion, Terry and Andy have gotten back from the gun show with a bunch of hunting rifles, and while Arlene is not happy to see so many weapons around the place her children live, she changes her tune when she sees a pack of wolves run past their property.  Meanwhile, Andy, having left the house, stops to help an apparently injured man lying in the road, but it is a ruse, and the Ghost Pack tries to attack Andy.  Fortunately for the Sheriff, Jessica is feeding on a fangbanger in the back of the fangbanger’s truck and she comes to Andy’s rescue.  (So, I guess we can assume that she and Jason have not hooked back up at this point — the feeding seemed as much making out as eating, although everyone was dressed.)

The wolves of the Ghost Pack decide they need to be more aggressive since there may be some resistance.  They will attack before the full moon. As this issue comes to and end, Chester, the leader of the Ghost Pack, urges his pack members to let the hunt begin — and he declares that he’s  “got a vamp [he needs] to take out.” Since he is watching Jessica fight his pack of wolves, I assume that she is the vamp he is talking about.

No more about Sookie and Eric, although Eric is (as the Comicosity scans show) outside Alcide’s window trying to get the were’s attention while Alcide and Rikki are “having fun.”  But, hey, Alcide didn’t answer his phone, so what’s a Viking to do?

The next issue is supposed to be the conclusion of this story arc, followed by a one-shot of Alcide.  So, what will happen?  Will Pam (and Tara) actually get involved at some point?  Will Bill’s mysterious absence be explained? (Not that I care, but he is just so noticeably not there that I do kind of wonder if it will eventually be addressed in some way.)

Still enjoying McMillz’s storyline immensely, although I am increasingly irritated by the misleading nature of the covers, which is not (I assume) his fault.  Not that I want to see Alcide and Sookie making goo-goo eyes at one another in the storyline (again, see cover #6)  at all, but I was hoping for more Pam in this one, so her complete absence when she is featured on the cover is so annoying.  Come on, guys, you are doing so well in so many other ways, fix this sloppiness, please!




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