Charlaine Harris announcement

Charlaine Harris made the following announcement on her Facebook this evening, although I had heard this a couple of days ago elsewhere as well:

I made the difficult decision not to tour with the last Sookie novel for several reasons. I have an important family event at that time. And I thought that at every event some people would have already read the book, and in answering their questions the ending might be revealed to people who hadn’t read it yet. To my Kentucky readers, I signed in Kentucky last year and had a wonderful event. I hope I get to sign in many places in coming years and to meet many of you personally.

Now while I am sure this is all true, I also wonder if she is reluctant to tour for fear that she will face confrontations with unhappy shippers who will not be content with however she resolves the series.  Now, at first my thought when I heard she wasn’t going to tour was that she could be worried about frustrated Eric/Sookie lovers if she really does go for the Sam option and that possibility worried me just the teeniest bit.  But then, I saw a discussion on another forum about the number of residual Bill lovers on Charlaine’s own site, which I haven’t visited in some time.  According to some people, the support for Bill as Sookie’s HEA — despite the MAJOR differences between True Blood and the books — is still very real there.  Perhaps it isn’t the Eric fans that Charlaine is worried about, but rather the Bill fans?


4 responses to “Charlaine Harris announcement

  1. Maybe, but the hints I ave been reading is that she may very well be hiding from us Sookie/Eric shippers. Either way, I’ve been told by many to wait before I start reading. Since many feel that the last two books have showed her tiredness from writing this. That she had only agreed upon these last three books for money. I can’t imagine why she wouldn’t have an E/S ending, she built it up from the ground. I just can’t wait until May and we know!

    • I believe your observation to be true. I preordered the book just to complete the series but I don’t foresee Eric and Sookie together, some may say Eric deserves better…..I believe true love is worth fighting for and Eric and Sookie never had a fighting chance

  2. I’m hoping that she is going for the Eric HEA, but if she doesn’t…and it wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t since she is writing mysteries, not romances per se…then I’ll be disappointed, but not entirely crushed or anything. I think I might have felt worse about it if I were only invested in the books rather than the show or if I hadn’t found fanfiction, but at this point, my feeling is that if she ends it in a way I don’t like, well, I’m sure someone WILL end it in a way I enjoy.

  3. I had not idea there were so many Bill fans out there. weird

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