Spoilery FB update?

Janina Gavankar posted an update that I think may be spoilery.  Below the Read More!

On Jan 13, 2013, Janina Gavankar posted:

On my way back up to Canadialand for a few weeks to see about a man in a tight green leather suit. Yum. Arrow
I can’t get onto Twitter to see if she posted it there as well and to grab a screencap, but let’s assume she did.  So, if she is going up to Canada “for a few weeks” to film Arrow, can we assume that she is not doing any more True Blood filming at this point?  IF she only had a few days — a week at most — to film her TB scenes for 6.1, then I think we will be saying goodbye to Luna for good.  Which, for me, is too bad — I liked Luna and enjoyed her and Sam together, but I suppose her death is only to be expected since they had been pretty happy recently.

3 responses to “Spoilery FB update?

  1. Dang. Sam needed her… So he wouldn’t be all over Sookie. And because he deserves some happiness. But this is TB.

  2. Kittyinaz,my thoughts exactly. I hate to see Luna gone, but I suspect that killing her off was why the introduced her were grandma last year — they knew they were going to need to explain what happened to Emma. Off to grandma’s house she goes…

  3. I do believe you are right and her update confirms my suspicion Luna is dead.

    Thanks for the follow!

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